Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ocean Sapphire...

Sarah's friend got a Siamese Fighting Fish(betta) a few weeks ago and she's been bugging us to get one too. I resisted because of the cats, but finally gave in today. He's GORGEOUS!! (click to see larger images)

I wish his irredescence showed up better in the photos. He's a dark blue with slightly lighter fins.

Here he is backlit, showing off his greenishness. You can see a few of my needle-felted balls behind his bowl too, an nice foil for his coloring.

This is the truest picture of his color.

We already had the bowl and red marbles, a perfect habitat for such a beauty. However, we will be looking for a bigger container. They do better in 1-2 gallon tanks, this one is probably a half gallon. Why yes, that is a C3PO standing in the corner!

In other news...

I'm taking time this weekend to go through a newish(acquired last year) old cookbook, Rodale's Naturally Great Foods Cookbook by Nancy Albright(published in 1977). Is it ever full of good stuff! Not just recipes but instructions on everything from making yogurt, sprouting sprouts, and even grinding flour from pumpkins! Wowza!!! There are soooo many recipes in it that I'm dying to try out, like Alfalfa Sprout Gazpacho, Avocado Banana Dressing, Grainburgers, Millet Meatloaf, Broccoli Timbales, Yogurt Cheese, Sourdough Rye Bread, and the list goes on and on and on!!! I'm also reading another goodie called Cooking Vegetables the Italian Way by Judith Barrett. Lotsa good stuff there too.

We are supposed to be taking the last bits of wallpaper down from the dining room tomorrow. The paint we've decided on is called Caramel Cream, a rich, bright orange. All the playing I've done at Valspar's online room painting thingie points to this color. I think it will be perfect.

I'm sure it looks garish on your monitor, kinda looks washed out on mine too. Trust me, its really a rich, goldish orange with depth and a nice warmth. In fact, if you'll scroll back up to the third picture of Ocean(his true color pic) and look directly above his tail you can see a felted ball of red, yellow, and orange. The orange in that picture is very close to the wall color. I can't wait to get it painted!!

Guess that's all the goings on for this weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to blog more next week. Having a working teen who is also very social is demanding more of my time than I ever thought possible!!


Anet said...

We usually have a betta at our preschool (we don't at the moment) we like them cause they are hardy fish.
The color of your dining room sounds alot like mine. I love it! We trimmed in a chocolate brown and it looks wonderful:)
Your blog looks really cool!
Are you changing the name for good? Enjoy the rest of the weekend Molly:)

she sure is strange said...

Anet, we've never had a betta but we've had mollies and swordtails before(loooooong time ago). I love Ocean, he's so calming to watch.

Our color isn't as gold as yours is, I don't think, but along the same lines.

I don't know about my blog name yet. Dark Oak Woman wasn't fitting me, although it actually isn't a bad name. I may go with Molly's Blog for a while til something better comes along.


The WoodLand School said...

Can't wait to see the paint on the walls ... looks like a wonderful color!

Cute fish : )

Chickenbells said...

I absolutely LOVE Betas...I had one in college that would let you pet him with your fingernail~

Betts said...

We have a red betta named "Kip", which is short for "Kipper Snack". His predecessor was blue like yours and was named "Flip". It was a very sad day here when he died. They really are fun to own. They get very excited when you stand in front of their bowl because they think food is coming.

susan said...

the color looks really pretty
cant wait to see it on the walls
that cookbook sounds fabulous!! i love rodale cookbooks, i might have to look for that one online.
are you veg?