Saturday, September 6, 2008


We REALLY wanted to sleep in this morning but the dogs were barking early, just driving us nuts! Mark got up around 2:30 and put them in the kennel and they stayed quiet til just before 7. I finally went out to see what was bothering them, it was definitely a "there's something out there" bark.

That's where the rats come in...

There were two dead ones and six live ones. I scooped them out and deposited them in the grass beside the pool to dry off. When I went back out to check if they'd vanished, they were still there, shivering. Soooo, we wrapped them in a towel and sat with them in the sun for about an hour. I took them, still in the towel, back to the woodpile. Hopefully they've found their mama again. What scares me is what might have chased them into the pool. We smelled a skunk outside last night. It probably rooted them out of their nest and ate what didn't make it to the water. A snake or bird would have gone in after them.

(they were absolutely tiny, I have no idea about the age, maybe 2 weeks? A dime would fit on the top of their head between the base of their ears)

(we warmed some of them in our hands for several minutes before putting them in the towel "nest")

(although they are reeeeeally cute, we are off to buy rat poison this afternoon)


Chickenbells said...

They are sooooo very cute though aren't they?

Anet said...

They are so sweet! I know you wouldn't want them to get in your house. That would be awful! Too bad you could pack them up and drive them to the woods or something. They would most likely end up as something else's dinner anyways. Oh the life of a rat!

Karen said...

So ... you rescued them from the pool, dried them off, and returned them to their home, and now you are off to get rat poison? Oh, I'm going to get flamed for this, but, why not just leave them in the pool till they were dead?

She sure is strange! said...

haha Karen! Because I had two animal loving girls who would have been mortified! They understand why we have to put out poison but they wouldn't have understood not rescuing them.

Anonymous said...

Molly,I think that you should have taken them to the field across the street.

Keetha said...

I can't believe you saved them in the first place. They are RATS for pity's sake!!!!

Rats carry all kinds of germs and vermin.


No pity in my heart for RATS.

I don't even think they're cute!!!!