Monday, February 19, 2007

Do I Have To?

There are a lot of things I don't want to do today. I've got laundry, sweeping the kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom decluttering, cleaning the guinea pig cages, shopping.... The list goes on and on. btw, it was tacos last night.

When we arrived home in late January from our vacation to North Carolina I figured that month was blown as far as any "New Years" resolutions were concerned. My plan was to start fresh in February and use the last week to come up with goals that I'd like to see accomplished in the next few months. Things like lining all my crocheted purses, sorting through numerous piles of crap in my bedroom, kitchen and living room, organizing my fabrics and yarns, cutting out a few quilts, starting some healthier exercise/eating habits, etc., etc. I did manage a manic quilt-making session where I cut and pieced a Turning Twenty Again sofa quilt.
Then we got strep throat and all my plans went out the window. Ryan and I had it the last week of January, the girls got sick the first full week of February. Now we're all recovered from that lovely illness only to be stricken with the common cold! The kids have had a milder version, thank goodness, but I'm now in the "cough up a lung" phase.

Since most of February has passed in a illness-induced haze, I've decided to start my "New Year" on March 1st. I still have most of the afore mentioned tasks but have thought of several more while sitting here typing. Including finishing the painted headboard for the girls room, moving Ryan's coaches locker to his room, finishing his curtains, quilting 14 MayMoms wall hangings, the list grows by the minute. Of course, blipping through the back of my mind is the fact that my 92 year old grandpa is not long for this world. He has several things going on, including renal failure, small strokes, and possible Parkinson's disease, and is growing more feeble by the day. Also blipping is the vacation we're taking in late March. Mark has a conference to attend in San Antonio so the rest of us are going along to see the sights. Our hotel is near the riverwalk so there will be lots to do. These blips seem to be heading towards each other at a faster and faster pace. Not that I'd be heartbroken if we missed out on SA but I *really* don't want to go to Oklahoma. My brother is leaving in mid-March for a 7-month hiking trek up the Appalachian Trail. My parents have already discussed it and they won't call him in if he's on the trail already. I don't think our SA trip would get us out of it.

Ok, back to today. My bedroom clutter is calling, the kidlets are enjoying the warm sunshine on the trampoline so it looks like the store will be postponed.

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