Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Do Nothing Day...

Well, almost nothing anyway. We got up early(ok, about 8:30-9:30ish) and went grocery shopping. Everyone has food now, thank goodness!

I checked my list of things to do this week and found that I got 2 of them done! One was to find a few crafts to do with plaster of paris for our homeschool group, the other was something equally easy. The 4 remaining tasks are less appealing to me so who knows when they'll get done. Probably when I am well. So, since I'm shucking chores, this afternoon will be spent fondling yarny things. More specifically, I'll be assessing my purses to see what needs finished on them. Here's one I made for the girls' friend Sid.
Boy has church tonight and the girls want to rent a movie. Debating what to do for dinner. I forgot to get mushrooms for pizzas tonight but we have everything else. Just don't know. Maybe we'll have leftover taco stuff.
Tomorrow our homeschool group is going to the local art museum and then to a park for a sack lunch/park day thing. We won't be doing the craft I found this time but hopefully next week we can.

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