Thursday, May 31, 2007

It begins...

The diet that is. My doctor still wants me to lose 50 pounds, imagine that! Soooo, I told her all about my foot pains(ligaments and tendon problems), my hip pains(bursitis), and my bum gall bladder issues. In turn, she told me to take Tylenol(not Advil or Alleve due to kidney stuff) and that once I start losing weight my liver enzymes will keep me from having gall bladder attacks. I'm not so sure about the last one but I will trust her. She says smaller portions, no strenuous exercising just gentle stuff like yoga and walking. Soooo, here we go!

My mom wants me to join Weight Watchers but I'm not keen on having to travel to a meeting every week. Our lifestyle is already complicated enough with Mark's work schedule and the kids are always wanting to do this or that. I also don't like the fact that their program seems(and I've not been so I don't know this for fact) to focus on the number of points and not on types of foods. I'd rather eat a huge salad with some turkey, cheese and a balsamic dressing than fried anything, ok well maybe fried squash.

Here's some red metal shelves I rescued from my dad and brother. They were on my grandparents back porch for years and years. I cleaned them up and will use them for my pretties in the dining room. Chester is here guarding them from our neighbor cat, Tom. The fabrics will be for quilted mats to go on the shelves(imagine the red a bright cheery 40s looking red, the blue is true).

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

In other news, we had NINE trees taken out today. Most were dead, three were not. Our front yard is down by seven and the back lost a dead maple and a huge pine that was threatening the vinyl liner of the swimming pool with its roots. I will miss them, especially the three sycamores in the front, they kept the yard cool in the late afternoon. Ryan wants to plant a weeping willow and the girls want to do hydrangeas. We'll see. Grass first, then riddance of the briars and baby oaks, then an overhaul of the corner evergreen bed(icky!). Of course, this in addition to repainting the girls bedroom, and ours, and decluttering, and dieting, and quilting, and crocheting, and pool maintainance.... hmmm, maybe that's why I don't wanna do WW meetings.

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