Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Guinea Pigtures!!... and a link

Gingerbread modeling a lovely floral hat. Yes, she has head tilt, probably from an untreated ear infection before she became ours. It is permanent but doesn't seem to bother her too much.
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Group snooze on Amy's bed. From top to bottom, Rainbow, Ginger, Magic Panda and Shimmer. See that big floral print in the quilt? Next to the orange next to Ginger, I had JAMS made out of that! My grandmother made them, and also the quilt much later for Amy.
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Basil, who is Moonshine and Rainbow's dad. Aren't those widdle piggie wips adorable? The green stain is from eating spinach a few minutes before his photo shoot.
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This is Muffin and Chester, looking like they're up to something. I mean, they already knocked over a glass.
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And go here for a truly inspiring post. Crazy Aunt Purl If you are coming to this late, check for August 1st's post. She is an amazing writer, I cannot WAIT til her book comes out this fall!

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Mosaic Cats said...

Hi Molly!
The fur babies are SO adorable! Thanks for sharing the photos and letting me know (and about the tablecloth too.)

Sadie was out in the yard again yesterday chasing a baby bunny. We have so many up here. It occurred to me that if she'd wanted to kill it, she could've and would've. I realized they were playing, like my older 3 cats used to play with our guinea pig, Fred. So...I intend to go to Pet Smart tomorrow to hook up with a local rescue group and we'll see if I come home with a gp, bunny, or kitten "for Sadie"!