Monday, August 6, 2007

Why Dark Oak Woman?

A few days ago my mom finally visited my blog even though my link has been in all my emails to her for the past several months. I guess she didn't realize what it was for. Anyway, she asked how I had chosen the name Dark Oak Woman. Here's the scoop!!

A year or so ago I began selling my crocheted and knitted scarves at an annual seasonal home party. I felt that I needed a name for my "business" and I wanted one that reflected my home and where I was as I made my creations. Most of my work is done at night in the shadow of a huge oak tree outside our bedroom window, or in the shade of the same tree as I supervise my kids in the pool. My business's name is Oak Moon Crafts but I don't have a website or anything, probably won't for a while. In the mean time, my mollymomm email address was spammed to death. Perfect time to choose a new identity that would go with the business name and better suit my personality, not that I'm not still a Molly or a mom!

When I was a little girl I wanted so bad to be an Indian and had lots of daydreams about riding bareback across the prairies of Oklahoma with my arm hooked in a braided mane, shooting a bow from under the horse's neck(not that I imagined what I was shooting, just that I was horsewoman enough to do it). I even majored in Native American Studies in college! Now, 20 years later, I still love the idea of having an "Indian Name". Dark is when I work best on my projects. Oak, because I love trees and the one in our backyard is special because I've known it since I was 10, Woman is obvious. So there you have it, how Dark Oak Woman came to be named. Not nearly as mysterious as it sounds!


jojo* said...

It's interesting to find out how people come up with names for their blogs. I do all my work late at night too.

Mosaic Cats said...

Hey Ginger & all Other Cute Piggers!
Come see our fun story about YOU, our new very special not of our own species friends!