Monday, September 17, 2007

These are so fun!....

As you might have noticed, I'm trying to avoid working on the clutter issue and the many towels that need folded. We had a major flood in the kitchen today, long story. This is much more fun.
******edited 9/18/07 due to cookies issues******
I am taking off the graphics and links that came with these little tests because my blog was totally screwy this morning(9/18). I left the answers though, because I didn't want to totally redo the blog today(as I see I'm doing anyway). You won't be seeing those kinds of test thingies on my blog any longer. Memes are fun, good for getting to know someone, but these little personality tests do something that doesn't work with my computer. Sorry!!

According to the test, I am Dark Chocolate, living my life with intensity, always going full force. An extreme person, I challenge and inspire the world.

And isn't this scary?

According to another test, I am not scary at all. Everyone loves me, isn't that sweet?


Jennifer said...

Thanks for visiting me the other day. Hmmm, I love dark chocolate - can't be a bad thing to be equated to dark chocolate, huh? But, I take these personality tests with a grain of salt - according to the muppets one, I'm the scientist (not Beaker but the other one) - definitely not!

Your trip looks lovely - being out in the middle of nowhere - those are usually the kinds of trips we take too.

Karen M. Gibson said...

Maybe you are schizoid and don't know it, Molly! Scary, not scary. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Molly, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, and also thanks for the compliments on the necklace for my sister, I added even more to it today.
I like the one name test you have on your blog, my witness protection name would be Ann Edward..LOL