Sunday, September 30, 2007

While the Cat's Away, the Mice Will Play?

Mark left at 6am today for a weeklong stay in Orlando for Medtrade. Tonight he's going to stay overnight with his childhood friend who now lives in Montgomery, Alabama. At the show he will meet up with several sales reps from this area who are also going and I think some other DME owners/managers and maybe someone from a Hospice(????). Anyway, folks that he knows and they have plans to do some running around together. If we'd had an extra $2500 or so, the kids and I would have gone with him. Oh well, maybe next time.

On his way home, he has to come through Houston to pick up some oxygen tanks or somesuch from a patient they have there. His plan is to drive there Friday night, get the equipment Saturday morning and be home in time for OU-Texas Weekend in which *my* team is gonna kick *his* team square in the keester!!

Meanwhile, I have a TON of chores to finish up. Started with laundry at 6:45, still going at 10:21. The kitchen floor needs mopped in a bad way. Regular chores plus the special things I have planned will help me keep my mind occupied. I will be painting, rearranging, and decluttering several key areas that haven't been touched in a few years(some of them anyway). Ryan had church this morning. His youth group has a camp coming up soon so they're earning money today by serving a spaghetti and salad luncheon to the adults. He gets to be a waiter or buser or something. The girls want to "go somewhere fun" so I may take them all to Jackson Park after we collect Ryan. Or maybe I'll just turn them into slave labor.... sounds like a better idea.

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