Sunday, September 16, 2007

Working and Playing...

I did some of both this weekend. First, I spent all day Saturday working to declutter the hutch and big desk. Now we have the hutches in the garage awaiting their next step. There are two of these units and they used to have a desk that bolted between them. We looked when we were at my parents' because that's the last place I saw the desk, but didn't see it there. It might be in our attic but if not, our plan is to build a desk to go between them, and get rid of the big banker's desk. Most of the clutter has been dealt with but not all. There are no "after" pics because we aren't finished with the space.

This is soooo shameful, I had NO IDEA it looked this bad. In person it is warmer, not so stark. The contrast makes it seem so much more cluttered than natural light does(I guess you could say it shows the true nature of the mess). Anyway, it won't be lookin' like that any more so there! The hutch is gone and everything in that "corner" has been sorted, thinned out and re-stationed.

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Our entertainment center will go where the desk is now, loveseat where the ent. center is with the hutch unit beside it on the same wall(we think). The kids' desk will also go somewhere else, maybe in the dining room for now. Our couch will go where the loveseat is now, in front of the window. Not sure about the piggies's cages yet, and aren't 100% about the other stuff yet. But, this is what it used to look like.

Here is something Ryan suprised me with! A leopard spider!! Isn't it cute? As long as it is outside it is.
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And here's what I played with last night and throughout today. It needs layered, quilted and bound but that won't take long. The "Hoot" is in yellow thread(close to the color of the owl's wings) and the branch is a saddle tan, the pic doesn't show their true colors at all. The wings and eyes of the owl are felt. I think she turned out pretty cute! Hopefully by mid-week I'll have made more progress on both my work and play.
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Bren said...

Spiders must come out in the Fall because I have found 2 so far today in my house.
I love in East Texas also. I guess we must be close to each other. I was glad to find a neighbor on here, I like reading your blog.
:) Bren

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

That's a Hoot!! Heh heh. Very nice! I've always wished I knew how to quilt!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Love the Hoot quilt. I've been thinking about doing some decluttering around here. But where does one start?

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I love that owl hanging! So cute!

And that spider is HUGE! {Note to self: large spiders in Texas.}