Sunday, November 25, 2007


We are going to make Christmas ornaments out of felt today!!! Since most of my old ornaments were broken or worn out, I tossed about two thirds of them in the trash last week. Trust me, they had no sentimental value at all. I'm pretty much disgusted with the billions of "made in china" ornaments out there. Of course they are breathtakingly beautiful, charmingly cute, made from blown glass or decked out in feathers, beads and other fancy outfitting but in the end, they are just ornamentation with no meaning to me at all.

Enter felt, sequins and seed beads! When I was a child we had many handmade and homemade ornaments made from felt, clothespins, wood, and cloth, mom still has many of the ones she cut out with her scroll saw and painted herself. There are mice holding gifts, stockings, Winnie the Pooh characters, Mickey Mouse, the three bears, little red riding hood, a gingerbread house, and -my favorites- characters from Joan Walsh Anglund(aren't they adorable?).
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Since I don't have a scroll saw or the patience and talent to paint anything, we're going to work with fabrics. I have in my possession a few vintage Christmas craft magazines(from the early 1970s) and have been duly inspired! My plan is to make at least 20 new ornaments today with the help of Amy and Sarah, wish us luck! If I had some Chex party mix and a working camera my day would be 150% perfect, since I don't, I'll have to settle for 99% perfect.


angeljoy said...

I, too love joan walsh anglund! Sounds like a fun day.

Chickenbells said...

I love that Joan! Her illustrations were so wonderful weren't they? Good luck with all the ornament making...I can't wait to see pictures (gotta get that camera) I just decorated my tree...with all the sentimental ornaments...I have a lot of vintage ones that I pick up at the thrift stores around least a lot were made here...and Germany...