Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Well Dadgummit Now!!!

I can post but I can't upload pictures. Actually that isn't true. If they are already on my computer I can put them here but I can't get new pics from my camera to my computer. It is about frustrating as all get-out! To top it off, I can't find the program cd to reinstall my photo thingie and the other one I have has some sort of problem every time I try to aquire the pics. GRRRRRRRR. This is NOT good timing because this weekend we're taking Amy to Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge to celebrate her 12th birthday! Tiger Creek is home to around 40 big cats that have been rescued from various zoos, circuses, private homes and so forth. Two of their tigers, Sarge and Lily, were featured on Animal Planet's Growing Up... series(which will rerun on Nov. 28th at 7 and 11pm, not sure if that is EST or CST though). We are SO looking forward to this trip but I am super bummed that I won't be able to show pictures of it! I'm hoping that someone comes up with the cd soon. And Santa, if you read blogs, I would LOVE a new digital camera for Christmas!! Just something simple, not too many bells and whistles, so I can take pictures like this!
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Now for my Thankfulness post:
***edited to include a Soshie update*** She is still hanging in there. Yesterday she ate a whole lot of dry cat food so we're waiting for that to "process". I'm hopeful that she's going to pull through this. If her bowels regain their muscle tone and she's able to poo then I think she'll recover completely.
***re-edited late Tuesday night*** She pooped!!! Wooohooo! A normal poop. I am so excited! I'm so very hopeful now.

I am thankful for healthy kids and family. Considering myself blessed with "only" having high blood pressure and a few uncomfortable but non life-threatening issues(plantar fascitis and bursitis of the hip), there are millions of people out there with horrible, horrible diseases and injuries. I thank God every day that my kids, husband, parents, and myself don't have to deal with that.

I am thankful that I am able to experience life on this planet. There is an amazing world out there people! Yesterday when Sarah and I went to check the mail she heard a woodpecker in one of our pine trees. We searched and searched til we spotted him, a Downy Woodpecker, very small, very beautiful. I find wonder in such things and I am thankful for that because so many folks don't even pay attention. I wish they would, they miss out on a lot of great stuff!

And, I am thankful that it is getting close to CHRISTMAS!!! Woooohooo! Of course, that means I have a ton of work to do before we get to decorate but that's ok. So I leave you with visions of Christmases past.
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