Saturday, April 26, 2008

Did Y'all Miss Me???...

We went to Oklahoma to visit my dad's sister and her family. It was a WOOOONDERFUL trip, thank you guys SO much for having us, we had a great time!!! Actually, Mark had a business thing to attend in OKC on Tuesday so we went up to my aunt's on Sunday. Southcentral Oklahoma is oh so beautiful but VERY rugged, not everyone's cup of tea, but I love this land. We encountered the usual wildlife there, lots of birds, bugs, and reptiles, not so much mammals as we have seen in the past though. Ryan caught a mountain boomer lizard(I think), a scorpion, and many fish. Be sure to click the pictures for bigger versions. It does look like my camera is not long for this world, the darkness of these pictures is unexplained, I wish they were better so you could see the beauty.

(Ryan with a crappie- that's pronounced croppy for the non-fisherpeople)

They woke up, headed for the ponds, and stayed gone most of the day. I lost track of how many loads of laundry we did and how often they had to hose down.

(kids fishing)

(Sarah fishing)

Of course, trips like these are sometimes dangerous. We had threatening weather...

(bad storm that produced BIG nasty hail)

Irrational, irritated, charging Camelids...

(guard llama hard at work keeping the kids off the dams and he was all business)

Snake infested waters...

(none in these pictures, but trust me, they were there)

(there are also bobcats, coyotes, otters, and beavers, among other things that live in the canyons around these ponds)

It was not without its fun too...

(Rose and Amy on the 4 wheeler)

(Rose and Sarah on the 4 wheeler)

(I couldn't get close because the dogs were with me and kept chasing him away, isn't he adorable?)

(we spent some time out here roasting hot dogs and hanging out watching the kids fish)

(spectacular sunset)

Good food, good visiting, and a trip to a thrift store(for another post since my dead camera batteries prohibit my uploading photos at the moment). At the last minute Mark found out he had another business thing in Irving on Wednesday so we had to cut our Oklahoma visit short by a day. The kids and I got to spend the day with our homeschooling friends who moved back to that area last year. We did a homeschool p.e. class, pizza at the park and two thrift stores among other things. It was a great trip all around, one I'm thankful we were able to make.


Anet said...

Wow what a great trip, I mean besides the scary storm, the snake infested water and the killer llama
it looks like you had a great time.
The sunset picture is gorgeous!
Oh, I did miss ya!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Glad you got home safe, Molly. Enjoyed the great photography.

Chickenbells said...

It looks like a fun trip...I would love to get away soon. Well, as soon as I'm feeling better anyway!

I am so sorry your camera is not long for the world. I love both of my Canon's...they are wonderfully amazing! They have a ton of extra features for the money (I have a digital elph 1000 point and shoot and it wasn't expensive) Canon and Nikon make the best cameras right now...