Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This has been my week so far...

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I resemble this kitteh! But, I'm getting over it now that the end of the week is near. We have cogs in motion and should have a new pool liner by the end of the month(thnx mom and dad), and be minus some dead trees and cantankerous in-the-way shrubs. The fence still needs fixing(mom and dad plz send fence munny soon) which will be done in three stages.

My tv interview was edited, thank God, so that I didn't sound like a goob. I just looked like one. The camera angle(looking up at my face) was not kind and we'll leave it at that. Oh well.

We are still waiting on Sundae to deliver. At the time of this post, 6:15pmish, she's dilated about 3/4 of an inch so I'm betting they'll be born tonight! I was holding her and distinctly felt 2 different babies turning in circles at the same time so there are at least that many, possibly 3 or 4, but my gut tells me 2. I'm nervous as heck! Holy carp, this Saturday is Mark's 42nd birthday!!! We were going to camp(guys were going to fish in the canoe) but with all the rain the area lakes and rivers have had(with an 80% chance tomorrow night in addition) I'd rather not. I think we're going to work on the lattice fence that goes between the yard and the pool area and possibly get our bedroom painted(wooooohoooo!). Will take pics of whatever it is we end up doing. Fajitas are on the menu for sure.

Amy filmed this video back in January. It stars Sarah and our neighbor's escaped Jack Russel Terrorist dog, Fiona. None of it was staged at all, I was a witness to it!


Carol said...

Good luck with the yard work! I'm pacing over here!

Chickenbells said...

Those piggies are certainly taking their time aren't they?!

Good luck with all the pool and yard stuff...I need to do something over at Foolsewoode as well, but it's raining today (I'll use that as an excuse NOT to DO anything outside...well, it's not exactly raining...but it IS cloudy. ha!)

RuthieJ said...

Oh, I'm so sad.....when I tried to play the video it told me it was no longer available (I love Jack Russell terriers!)

Carol said...

I'm still on piggie alert! I don't have your email addi, I was going to ask about your "neti" method. I don't like medications either :)