Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Weeeekend!

Saturday started off with Amy and I visiting a neighbor's garage sale. Didn't come up with anything, hers are usually pretty lame. We came home and played with the piggies and then I got serious about this:
(Don't forget to click for bigger images, I don't know why some are as dark as they are)

(this is what the "corner garden" used to look like, overgrown but green)

(for perspective, those boxes on the pole are over 5 feet up)

(these used to be several juniper bushes)

(this is what it looked like after the Great Thanksgiving Fire of 07)

(and this is what it looked like Saturday evening, still some work left but not now)

As you can see, we had our work cut out for us. Several weeks ago I hurriedly relocated about 45 daffodil bulbs from this bed because we thought they were going to tear up our yard to repair an oil line. I moved them to a smaller grouping in front of our dining room window. Saturday I dug up and replanted about 30 more that weren't up at the earlier transplanting. I also removed about 15 40-50 pound iron ore rocks from the bed and dug out huge clumps of monkey grass and some sunflowers(and replanted all of them elsewhere). Mark chopped out the roots and trunks of the burned up juniper and Ryan transported the rocks to the pool area. To say that we were tired would be an understatement. I actually felt sick after working 8+ hours non-stop!

(Daisy, the border collie mix)

The girls had a friend over for the afternoon and got to witness Daisy and Buddy catch a squirrel(and kill it of course). Lovely. Daisy managed to fall awkwardly on her tail. We think it could be broken or at least sprained. She can wag but can't raise it up over her back at all and she yelps when we touch it. Hopefully it is just some tender muscles and will heal up soon.

Today we tore into this:

We had to replace the fencing at the side of the house because it is 30 years old now and had withstood as long as it was going to. On Easter Sunday, the dogs managed to knock it loose from the house and escape down the road so we had to rig up a temporary fence until we could set new posts and put up new boards. Luckily Ryan's friend came back home from church with him so we had extra hands. Puppy-girl got to come out and help too. She managed to sneak away into our neighbor's backyard where she scared up a skunk!! I think he lives under their storage shed behind their shop. Thankfully it was after most of the work was done.

(Ryan and his friend Chris were HUGE helps)

(They and Mark worked on it for over 4 hours)

(although I don't know how Ryan could see to do much)

(the home stretch)

(apparently we opened a vortex, lookee at all the orbs!)

(oak from the yard where the fence was being fixed)

The tree removal man said to get the ivy off the tree or it would kill it. I am so on it!

I still managed to cook a nice dinner, parmesan skillet chicken and brown rice pudding. Yum!


Anet said...

This is the first time I saw a pic. of Daisy. She does look like my Larkin. I sure miss him. Ok, the squirrel killing... bad dogs! I am known as "Squirrel girl" Love the picture of the orbs, hopefully you won't have to much trouble with them! LOL

Chickenbells said...

Wow! YOU had a productive and exhausting weekend...I went hiking in Sedona on Sunday, at a vortex, but they're always shady to the exact location they're in. Unless there's something I'm missing about that!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Brown Rice Pudding! Ooooo yum. I want the recipe.