Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fence Plans...

We spent most of Mark's 42nd birthday Spring-cleaning up our pool area. The oak tree drops tons of limbs, leaves, and acorns throughout fall and winter which makes a huge mess. Mark and I raked, scooped and swept until it was clean. The kids helped by fetching things and loading leaves in the wheel barrow to dump on a compost heap. Ryan and Mark cleaned the umbrellas and table while the girls and I folded up the pool cover. Don't worry, we also celebrated with grilled steaks, fried calamari, green salad, scrumptious homemade carrot cake from Divine Domesticity and champagne(he won at a business function). It was a very lovely end to such a busy day!

Anyway... Over dinner we had serious discussion about what to do with the pool area. Since the pool won't be filled in, we want to rearrange the fencing to give the dogs and children more yard. We could take out the front deck and add about 1/3 of the current space to it. The back deck would provide a place for our poolside table but isn't exactly the best location for several reasons. So, we decided that the back deck will come out and a new lattice fence will go diagonally across the turf space(in between the decks) to the back fence. It won't provide quite as much yard but that's ok. The kids are begging for a diving board but it depends on how much they cost. Today we'll be measuring and figuring out exactly what we need to do the job. Of course that will be after Mark and Ryan return from their canoe-fishing trip.

(click pics for bigger views)

(rearranging of the fence after hurricane Rita to include the decks within the pool area)

This picture gives an idea of where the diagonal part will go. It will start at the back corner of the front deck(about 2 feet left of where the current lattice fence ends in the pic), and will come to the corner of the back deck and wooden sidewalk section(about where the end of the fence post is in the lower left of the picture), then continue to the privacy fence.

(the brighter lines show where the new posts will go)

The front deck is bigger with built-in seating. The back deck is about half the size of this one, has a rail but no seating, out of the way, and only used to store exercise equipment and an extra grill. It is also where Mark and I got married almost 18 years ago. Our wedding guests sat in chairs on the front deck and we had an arch on the back deck. Tables were set up closer to the sidewalk for our cakes and other refreshments. Of course, the fence wasn't there back then so the area was much more open. I'm not just a real sentimental person so I don't feel the need to leave it there for posterity.

(the back deck is more visible in this picture)

Currently the fence ends at the corner of the front deck and goes right behind the oak tree to the yard fence. The kids can also enjoy more room during the off season(from September through May). We have plans to trim lots off those bushes this afternoon, they almost touch the ground in places!

(this is how the angle will cut across the yard space)

I think we'll be quite happy having a bit more yard and a little less "pool area" with the new arrangement. Frankly, I am looking forward to planting a little garden where that Canna is. Maybe caladiums.

***piggie update**** Still no babies! Despite being huge and miserable, she cuddled on my chest for 45 minutes this morning, covered by my favorite afghan. She just chilled there, making her little chuttle noises and sighing, it was so sweet. I put her up because she got antsy all the sudden. I'm hoping that means things are moving along, but it was probably just her needing to pee.


Carol said...

I love your whole yard! Hope you get your little piggies soon! I miss snuggling with piggies :)weeeekweeeekweeek

Chickenbells said...

The pool project looks ambitious...but, it will be worth it when you're done!

No piggies?!?! Good gravy...