Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Dream Come True...

Mark has dreamed of owning boat for as long as I've known him, coming up on 19 years this summer, but we didn't think we could ever afford one so he never really looked. A few years ago he got Ryan hooked on fishing too(Mark's been hooked from a young age as well). They try to go at least once a month but usually they just have to stand on the shore or a pier. Occasionally they take the old aluminum canoe my parents left behind but it is extremely hard to handle and is too unstable for fishing. Plus, the boys have to paddle to the good spots and there isn't room for our whole family to fit so we can't all enjoy it.

Enter *free money from the guvment*. No matter what your opinion is regarding this so-called economic shot in the arm, it has helped a lot more families than it will hurt. Ours is due to arrive in a few weeks but in the mean time, Mark happened across a steal of a boat deal(about 1/3 the cost of similar boats!). So, after working a little loan that will be paid in full when we get our money, we are now proudly pushing the redneckedness thing just a little bit more than before. We own a BOAT!!!!

(checking it all out)

(getting ready to put in for the first time)

It came with a trailer and the former owner threw in a trailer hitch, new trolling motor, nice depth finder, and a few old life jackets but we bought new anyway just to be safe. This is an OLD boat, almost as old as me, but is in excellent condition though and the motor was well taken care of. Mark has had no problems backing it up the driveway or down the boat ramp.

(kids enjoying the ride)

(the second reason for the boat, the first being family togetherness- haven't you all seen the commercials?)

(there is a heron in there, I need a new camera)

(you can see why I like to boat, the scenery is just awesome!)

To get a better understanding, you must watch THIS VIDEO.

(ps, Susan at BBCreek, I tried to email you but it came back undeliverable. Thank you for keeping your eye out for a mug! Thats so sweet of you!!)


Chickenbells said...

Congratulations! It will be so fun for you guys to have a boat...How do you know when you're getting your check? Did they alert you? Did they tell you when they were sending mine?

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Molly, you're welcome. It will be fun to have something to look for.
Congrats on the boat. I know y'all are going to get lots of fun out of it. Those strings of fish look awfully impressive. When's the fish fry happening???

Carol said...

Congratulations!!!! I love the shots you got in! Horray for stimulus! Where does one get this velerian root?

Anet said...

Good for Mark! Your family is going to have to great memories with the boat! Enjoy:)