Friday, May 16, 2008

Blog Fishing Again...

I love doing this...



Semi-Charmed Wife

Kim's Big Quilting Adventure

Stephanie Lee, Semiprecious Salvage

A Drafty Place

beauty that moves

Sunshine & Shadow

Quilts and Pieces

Mabel's House(love this one)

Trail Mix

Stitchy(another great one)


Storybook Woods


Wisdom of the Moon




and last but not least,

Greg 'n Keetha Stuff



Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Oh, Molly, I love Mabel's House. I've spent half the morning there. I'll check out the others blogs later. Gotta go grocery shopping now.

Keetha said...

Well, tickle me gizzard!!!! How in the world did you find my blog?

I am addicted to blogging, and part of that is checking my sitemeter to see how people got to my blog. I saw your blog addy in the referrals, and traced it back to this post.

Don't know HOW you found me, but thanks for giving me the shout out on your blog.

Keetha said...

I see your moon phases tag in the sidebar. I just finished teaching those to my 8th grade Earth Science students. I wonder where the term "gibbous" comes from - - - I guess I could google - - -

Keetha said...

Done - - - gibbous means protruding, bulging on one side, HUMPBACKED!!!!

Cool - - - I learned something new.

patrice said...

Hi there and thank you for adding me to your fishing list! I've enjoyed looking at your blog. I love seeing the guinea pigs! We have a guinea pig run outside and have only one Peruvian now, Jack died in December after five happy years.
I cruised thru the list of blogs and added some to my bookmarks. I look forward to visiting you now that I've got you bookmarked.

Carol said...

A very nice list. I'll be checking them out. I sure hope you're feeling OK, this aging thing bites, no?