Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stringing Three Sentences Together....

Finally! I haven't had more than 15 minutes at a clip to sit and do computer stuff. All week it has been this way. Too many things coming in and stealing my time. Like laundry. And pet care. And baking cookies, getting the milk, cats to vet, kids to friends and park, groceries, dinners, crafting, decluttering, etc. It has just gotten away from me this week.

So, today the boys are fishing at a new lake. They left at the crack of dawn, actually sometime before that even. Mark has to try and straighten out a part on the trailer while the boat is in the water. It isn't hard to do, he just has to have the trailer sans boat. Anyway...

The girls and I are going to Gilmer to a new-to-us gift shop for a Mother's Day/Birthday outing. A friend of mine sells mineral make-up there and today they've got some special things going on. Like plate lunch bbq and a few of the local artists who have their items there. The boys will probably beat us home since Ryan has a birthday party at 3pm.

Sarah's birthday is Sunday and I still don't really have plans for anything. She is getting a bike. Her friend Callie gave her some wonderful inline skates and she's had them on most of the time since we came home from park on Thursday. She lost another tooth last night so she's got a bit of money of her own to spend. Here are some random pictures of my babiest baby.

(Sarah just an hour old, with Mark)

(The girls, June 2000)

(Sarah, 2 weeks old)

(Easter 2002)

(Sarah's 2nd birthday)

(kids, February 2004)

(January 2005)

(Boopa as Ichi)

Last post, I think I mentioned that I had finished the binding on my confetti quilt. It is on the bed now and I'm ready to start binding the Trip Around the World that I finished last year. I've got a few other projects that I need to get finished and/or started and finished, some fun and challenging things. Can't wait!


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Happy Birthday to Beautiful Sarah. And Happy Mother's Day to the whole family, especially you, Molly.

honeybea said...

I know how ya feel about not having any time!
The pics are Beautiful. My favorite is of "Ichi" :)

Chickenbells said...

Happy Birthday!

Happy Mother's Day as well...