Monday, May 19, 2008

More Busy-ness...

Where do I start???

We have turned into that busy family that I've not ever wanted to be! It all started Thursday with Park Day. We left the house at 10am and didn't come home til almost 6pm!! That was also the night when Mark and Ryan loaded the boat for their Friday night fishing trip. I think they were out there til almost midnight. So Friday comes along and they leave for the lake. The girls and I had to deliver Ryan's party invitations to his youth group so we headed out with Puppy-girl along for the ride. After we left the church, Amy suggested we go "somewhere else" because she wasn't ready to go home. This is SO unlike her! We decided a walk on our favorite trail would be best so I swung into Walmart to buy a leash. Haha. I was there 45 minutes, at least. Note to self, don't go to Walmart at 6:30 on a Friday evening. We did have a nice walk, the weather was just perfect! Mark and Ryan didn't get home from fishing til nearly midnight and to bed around 2am. Ugh! I stayed up and waited for them too. I think they caught 12 catfish, 2 were 19 inches long! They also had a beaver swim along side the boat for a while. Mark said it was huge.

Saturday we had big plans to "do something" in the yard and/or with the fence and/or deck. No specific plans, we just knew we needed to get some work done. So around 8:30, Mark suggested that we go boating as a family. Sarah has really been wanting to fish with the boys but they stay too long for her. We headed out with a picnic basket and two coolers(one for the worms) around 10am. Mark backed the boat into the water while the girls played at the playground(at a city park on the shoreline of Lone Star Lake). Once in the water we trolled over to a good fishing spot. Mark couldn't get the regular motor to turn over. Not. At. All. And the trolling motor wasn't working at this point. So we rowed. And rowed. Luckily the fish were biting in the shallows and not far from the boat launch. We fished til around 3:30 or so, then rowed back across the lake. Sarah managed to catch the first, and biggest, catfish of the day!! It snapped her line and flounced out of the boat before we got a picture though. Ryan and Amy both caught catfish and Mark and Sarah ended up with brim too. Not a great day fishing but pretty exciting for the girls!

It was a fun day, we bird and turtle watched and really enjoyed being together as a family. The only bad thing was that I got a weird sunburn on the back of my left calf, I guess that was the place I missed with the sunscreen. Oh, and I got bit by a fire ant on my pinky toe. That STILL hurts.

When we got home, we unloaded the ton of equipment that it takes to go on a boat outing and I started dinner while Mark fiddled with the motor. Turns out, the battery was dead, dead, dead. We had delicious spaghetti sauce over noodles but I baked a spaghetti squash for myself. I LOVE them!!! Ryan's friends, the Dufus Brothers, called to have him over for their little brother's birthday so he went there around 8 o'clock. Mark picked them all up to spend the night around 10:30. Wheeeeee! They did manage to get in bed at a decent hour because Ryan was tired. Tell the truth, I'm getting tired of writing all this out but will try my best to get through it. (I did have another "episode" during this time but it wasn't as intense as the first one. Mark and I have determined that it was probably a panic attack but I don't know what the trigger is, maybe nutritional or something)

Sunday morning, the boys decided not to go to church(really ticked me off since those are the people Ryan invited to his birthday party). So, we farted around the house most of the morning. Mark and I went up to get drinks, chips, ice and a cake, then we all went to the park where the party was going to be. It was a great birthday for Ryan(he turned 15 last Thursday). He had lots of guy friends show up to play frisbee and football and they wore themselves totally out. We finally packed up around 5ish I think. Ryan rode home with a friend and some of the guys from the party. They ended up going fishing down at a stock pond and caught about 20 good sized bass. While Ryan was gone, the girls played on the trampoline and Mark and I cleaned up in the garage. I managed to get another two garbage bags full of donations. YEAH!! Slowly but surely I'm paring down to a managable amount of fabric and yarn.

Today I have a list of 16 specific things that I have to get done. Mark is going to help me paint the bedroom finally! So, I'll be off the computer for a good while. I know this is necessary but I really hate being this busy! My camera batteries are dead so I'll post pictures tomorrow(probably update this post with them).

Hope everyone had a glorious weekend!


Chickenbells said...

Your weekend sounded a lot like mine...I am wondering where all the down time has gone? Where's ME in all of this??

Carol said...

Jeeze, you sure are busy! We've been doing a ton of house stuff too. Send me your email addi!