Saturday, September 8, 2007


We have started the cleaning. Ugh. Sigh. I worked in our bedroom yesterday, dragging crap out from corners and from under the dresser. It amazes me how things that should be THROWN AWAY, never are! We're talking things that are broken, empty containers, puzzle pieces, q-tips, mateless socks, and, and, and... It makes me crazy. I've got tons of books in there, fabric scraps, yarns for various projects, magazines, and lots of other junk that needs relocated.

Today we cleaned the living room, dining room and kitchen. Mark will mop late tonight, after the day's activities slow down. We've got laundry going now. I am still sorting through the kids' books. I started this last week and hope to be done by Sunday afteroon so my homeschooling group members can buy them!

What we reeeeelly need to do is clean out the desks and dismantle the big one. Right now we are unsure what we'll do with the computer tower but Mark wants to get a wireless card so it will be easier to put it where we need to.

Last night when we went to get cat food, we saw the flat screen tvs at Wallyworld. They are much cheaper than last year so we may get one for our Christmas or (hopefully) for our anniversary later this month! That would be SWWEEEEET! It means we'll not be using our large entertainment center any longer. What we'll probably do is find an old dresser, paint it, and put the tv on it. A friend of mine did this and took the top two drawers out to use as shelving for the dvd player and satellite receiver. She used a flat black paint, scuffed up the edges to antique it and it looked fantabulous!! Not sure we'll be there anytime soon but we're working on it.

I'm off to work again. Kitchen table is piled high with stuff. I did come across a picture of my early years as a Bluebird, our group was in the paper decorating a Christmas tree in an office somewhere. I SO don't remember that, but I do remember every girl in our group and wonder where they are now.

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MAIZEE said...

Hi Molly! Saw your very pretty afghan at the Ripple Along. Isn't it nice to finish a project. The Woolese yarn looks really nice. I've not used anything but basic Red Heart and Caron. Have you used the Woolese before? If so, is there a size hook you prefer? I'm seeing everone use so many yarn types and want to try something myself. I'm not in a big hurry to know. I'll watch the Ripple Along for some updates as you work on it. Those color are going to be very pretty.
Also your little dog is darling. I wish I could give her a hug. The mixed breeds are so cute and any that we've had were always so sweet and such lovers.
Lastly I love how you changed your blog header here. What a wonderful quote. Fall is my favoite time of year.