Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm tired tonight...

We ended up with three sick piggies out of the deal with Ginger. I'm hoping to not add 3 more to that since we have one more girlie(not showing symptoms) living in the same cage, and the two boys who visited them all through the bars this morning before we knew there was illness afoot. First we noticed that Shimmer was lethargic, then that Rainbow was breathing funny. I made the kids go with me to the vet. Each piggie got a $20 shot, total bill was $120. Later in the afternoon we realized that Stella(our new girl who was recently put in the big cage with all the girls) was also breathing funny. Soooo, another $60 vet visit. Stella and Shimmer weighed in at 2lbs, 2oz, Rainbow was 2# even. I really hope we are done. Shimmer seems to be feeling better but Rainbow's breathing is worse. She sounds like a cooing dove. Please keep the dear piggies and their keepers in your prayers.

Ryan has done well doing his chores while Mark is away. He hates feeding the dogs and loading the dishwasher but will do it. We have to round up garbage stuff tonight and I need to finish sorting more fabrics. I'm almost done with one of the larger tubs and have about half a tall kitchen trash bag full of fabric to give away or sell. Hopefully I can fill it and then some by the time I'm done. I have fabrics from ten years ago that wasn't pretty then and is WAY not pretty now.

Oh yeah, we did pizza again for dinner! And I made bread sticks from some of the dough. I punched it down, rolled into sticks and let it rise again while the pizza cooked. They are a little crusty and slightly dense but very tasty! Adding a few shakes of Italian seasoning, garlic and onion powder probably helped. I will be experimenting more with it because it is SO freaking easy.

I've still not heard from Mark tonight. I did call to let him know about the piggies, he was not happy about the charges. Anyway, he said he'd call after he got settled in so it should be soon(it is 9:15 his time).

****edited 9:36pm to say that I did finally call Mark. He had fallen asleep in his hotel room soon after he got to Orlando. I woke him up. Hopefully he won't be so tired tomorrow.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a bright sunny day with happy, healthy piggies all around.

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