Saturday, November 8, 2008


47 days til Christmas!!!!!

I have MUCH to do!!!!

Like wrist warmers, leg warmers, walking wallets, cell phone cases, hats...


I won't make any more scarves for a while, we've got plenty!

(Amy modeling scarves, um several years ago)

I LOVE this hat.

(Sarah's Gwen Stefani hat, she's outgrown)

The walking wallets I'm doing are quite a bit smaller than this tween purse, with a strap to wear across the body from one shoulder to the opposite hip. They hold identification and a cell phone, and are PERFECT for walkers.

(Sidney's purse)

I'm currently working on another Patricia shawl like this one but in red(Icelandic Jewels by Yarn Bee). This one is done in Yarn Bee's Highland Thistle and is a bit too stretchy and bouncy for everyday use. It is absolutely cuddly though and I love flopping on the couch in it when its a chilly morning. The red one will be more sturdy but not quite as long.

(bat wing shawl)

I haven't made a hat in a looooong time. Ryan has requested some beanies but he wants the "name brand" kind. I wonder if he'd wear one I made?

(Aaron's hat, unknown ultra bulky yarn)

And I want to make this into a Christmasy wall hanging or table topper. I'm trying to decide if I want to make a zillion more hexagons in red for the background, or just applique it down to a solid piece of fabric. Hexagons would probably look better, darn it.

(vintage fabric paper-pieced hexagons)

I shan't lack for busywork that's for sure.


Missus Wookie said...

Hmm I love that star but think it would look good on solid fabric, especially if you quilted it slightly. Maybe adding some piping around the edges to help pull it all together?

I'm gonna have to look at the cost of mailing one of your creations to London someday...

Betts said...

Lovely stuff. I love the star.

Your Christmas countdown widget has been freaking me out.

Becki Stone said...

45 days!!! eeeekkkkk! I'm in the middle of crocheting a blanket for a birthday gift for the 20th of November...eeekkk! LOL