Monday, November 24, 2008

Some Cuteness Going On....

(Gypsy, Tallulah and Jasper taking a nap on Sarah's bed this weekend)

These are all my friend's dogs, Sally and Honey and the cat, Sister. I'm kicking myself for not photographing the 5-week-old cuteness that belongs to the neighbors. Its one of 5 little Golden Retriever/Black Lab/? mixes. The one we got to hold looked just like a Golden. There are 4 others that are fuzzy and black. Oh my stars it was soooo sweet. If anyone local is interested, I'm sure I could score you one for Christmas!!

(Sarah's new best friend)

(Honey is the big one)


Betts said...

You got cuteness all wrapped up with that post. I was "awwww"ing all over the place.

Anet said...

So cute! I love that little dog, what kind is it? I want another dog so bad. But we have too many cats right now.

Chickenbells said...

Look at all that wonderful sweetness out there!!

Jeanne said...

Molly, your post is wonderful. I do love all little furballs. And big ones too. smile!

I dropped by to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow.


Champsleeve said...

Hey - what kind of dog is Honey? We are watching our neighbor's dog for a few months since they are still not back in their house after the Ike flood. She is obviously a mix but her ears are just like Honey's.