Sunday, January 4, 2009

Deer and music....

The more I listen, the more I like them. First Aid Kit.

Now for the deer!! I wish I had been able to slip out the door to take these pictures. There was a mama, a daddy, and two babies. I only managed to get one shot of the mama, running across the yard to join the others. They were in the front yard late last night, I could see their eyes glowing blue when I stepped out before bed. This morning they were in front of the picture window for about an hour but I only found the camera at the last minute.

(mama deer sprinting across the yard)

(babies nibbling)

(babies watching mama who'd snuck around the back and come up the neighbor's driveway)

(watching and listening)



velvet brick said...

How wonderful to see such beauty and awe outside your window!! Just awesome! Loved my visit! : )
Happy New Year to you!

Betts said...

I wish deer could have a nice relaxing meal for a change. They always seem on edge. I guess they have to be to survive.

Love the name of that band!