Friday, January 30, 2009

A Meme Made by Meeee!!

You can follow along if you dare! Informally tagging all my regular readers who like to do these sorts of things.

Eight Things

Eight things... in my fridge

1. raw milk
2. ketchup
3. Albert's hot sauce
4. eggs
5. lunch meat
6. yeast
7. 4 things of mustard
8. raw cream

Eight things... in my closet

1. box of socks
2. bed sheets
3. lots of shoes
4. hanging clothes
5. hanging jewelry organizer, completely empty!
6. two red table cloths, destined to become living room curtains someday
7. three large boxes of JUNK
8. bumper pads from Ryan's nursery set, made by my mom

Eight things... in my purse

1. three pens
2. flashlight
3. toothbrush
4. one dollar bill
5. mint gum
6. earrings
7. scissors
8. religious tracts from the girls' church

Eight things... in my(bedroom, kitchen, or car, choose one)

1. five quilts
2. three afghans
3. dozens of books/magazines
4. cd player
5. yarn
6. suitcases
7. picture boxes
8. artwork


jeanne said...

Molly your meme is a hoot. A fun idea and you did it all by yourself. I am impressed. smiling. I think your meme is alot like what you might find in my house and purse. I'm sorry I have been AWOL but time is racing like a horse around here. BTW, I love your header. A beautiful horse.

Have a wonderful day...Jeanne

Betts said...

Nothing grey and fuzzy in your fridge? At least, not that you're admitting, huh?

She sure is strange! said...

Oh ok Betts, it is actually a slimy, watery spaghetti squash. I haven't the heart to try and lift it out yet.*G*

She sure is strange! said...

Thanks for stopping in Jeanne!! The horse is a rotten rescued horse who lives next to my parents. His name is Buckaroo and he's as apt to kick you as to let you snap his picture. He is gorgeous though.

Laura said...

Hey ! I am glad you found me again!! I miss hanging out with you guys! We have piano on Thurs, so park is not possible right now! Good to hear from ya again!

tipper said...

A fun meme-I might be embarrassed to answer some of them :)