Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm HOME!!!

We drove straight through yesterday, leaving a very cold Micaville around 7am and arriving in Longview around 10:30ish(honestly I didn't look at a clock). There was fresh snow on the far end of Yancey county but not too slick on the roads. It was beautiful on the mountains but I don't have a picture, the cameras were packed.

The trip went by really fast, dad and I took turns driving. We saw dozens and dozens of deer all through Mississippi, probably over 100. The girls and I had fun watching for them, until we hit one. Dang things leapt in front of us, the first one made it across to the median, the second one crashed into the rear wheel well. I have no idea if it could have survived its wounds, we found a dent and where it wiped off the road dirt along the back of the SUV. After that it was a nervous trip, there were deer EVERYWHERE!! Thankfully the Louisiana deer weren't as plentiful.

Mark took me to lunch today for my birthday. Then mom and I went and enlarged patterns from several books and magazines for our thrifted wool projects.

We're having homemade chili for dinner with cornbread. Mark's coming home early because we didn't sleep well last night. He's VERY busy with his new company, getting everything in compliance takes a long time!

Anyway, I've got pictures on 3 different cameras so it's gonna be a few days. I'm sure it will take a week to get back to normal!!!

(the girl in the hat is my mom's mom's mom, Ollie Skaggs)


Anet said...

Happy Birthday Molly and I'm glad you're home safe!
I love that family photo:)

Betts said...

Welcome home and Happy Birthday!! Glad the deer incident was a mere brush with disaster. Looking forward to lotsa pics.

Ollie is stunning. Looks like early 1900s... like she should have been a passenger on the Titanic.

autumnesf said...

Happy Birthday!!

And technically it sounds like you didn't hit the deer -- the deer hit you!!

I live in fear of a deer strike.

tallulah said...

Have a beautiful day and get some rest!

Sarah S. said...

Welcome Home! Sorry about your car though.

I love that picture! it is wonderful!

A Slice of the Pie said...

Happy Birthday!


Chickenbells said...

Welcome home! I'm so sorry about the deer...good heavens...

Sarah and Jack said...

Wow! Check out that old family photo. Fun.