Friday, January 2, 2009

I snatched the girls' camera....

Wish I had a way to upload from mine, it makes better pictures. These will have to do for now. Hope to have some of the kitties soon. Click to enlarge, they are worth it.

(from driveway looking right)

(house for sale across from driveway)

(shed included)

(storm clouds over the mountain-driveway looking left)

(this was absolutely gorgeous)

(house- on right side of drive looking up- next pic is from same place turned to the left)

(mean ol' Buckaroo, lives up to his name by trying to bite the hand that pets him and kicking too!)

(he is pretty handsome though)


Anet said...

Such lovely views! Looks like a great place to live:)

Chickenbells said...

Good heavens it's green there! I am much is that house?!?!?

Betts said...

He looks so sweet! Gotta watch out for those sweet lookers though.