Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions?

I don't typically make resolutions but this year will be different. Here are areas that I will be working on for the next year:

1. Simplifying my home. When we get back home I will help Mark sort through our garage full of furniture and the attic junk as well. At least 90% of it needs donated or plain old tossed out. My closet is a catch-all for everyone's "stuff" as well so that will be February's task. March through the end of the year yet to be determined.

2. Simplifying my schedule. I need to come up with a better system for grocery shopping and meals. Having church, park day and other commitments is not something I'm all that used to and I struggle with remembering to cook those days.

3. Getting my physical self back together. Mark wants to go hiking with me when we come back to North Carolina in August. I'd really love to be fitter, WAY fitter and stronger, by then. Its a goal to work toward so maybe that will help my motivation this time around.

4. Learn some things that I need to know. Like machine quilting, how to sew garments, how to knit socks... you name it, this is the FUN stuff I'm resolving to at least attempt in 2009.

Like I said, I hardly ever make resolutions so this will be something I can refer back to every week or so to keep me on track maybe. That would be nice.



Betts said...

Let me help. Buy "Knit Socks! 15 Cool Patterns for Toasty Feet" by Betsy Lee McCarthy. It's the book I used to learn how to knit socks. She explains every step simply and clearly. They're a piece of cake, thanks to her.

Happy New Year!

Becki Stone said...

sounds good Molly! All things that can be done!! :) I have a list to!! LOL!

A Slice of the Pie said...

I am not usually into making resolutions, especially just because it's a new year. I have in the last few years started setting goals, though. (I am about the semantics!)

Anyway, you have some great resolutions. May 2009 bring you joy and peace!


tallulah said...

Declutttering is definitely on my list as well!

Happy New Year!

Chickenbells said...

Happy New Year!

All those "resolutions" sound wonderful, we both seem to have the same kinds of resolutions too...and I am going to have to seek out the book Betts recommends as I would love to attempt socks as well this year. I'm just knitting up a storm lately, so I may as well try it!!

The WoodLand School said...

I look forward to seeing how your resolutions progress! Looks like you and I have many (many!) of the same goals!