Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not the best shots but they'll do for now...

Because I'm BIZZY BIZZY BIZZZZZY!!! I have to make party mix, chocolate pie filling(more on that tomorrow), sew jingle bells on a shirt, mop, clean my room, etc., etc. Oh and haul kids to two different churches for their Wednesday night things...

But I snapped these pics this afternoon and wanted to get past the Shimmer post so here...

(Christmas mice that I got from a neighbor about 12 years ago)

(the top of our hutch, it looks much better in person, not so stark)

(the tree during daylight)

(the deer love the other pretties)

(I collected these Cherished Teddies ornaments years ago but it fizzled- I still love them though!)

Gotta run! Those jingle bells can't wait!


jeanne said...

Molly, thank you so much for your kind comments about our Babette. She was our delight for almost 16 years. It is so hard so realize she is gone. I am so sorry about your Shimmer. She was a real cutie. I love your post about Panda, Rainbow and Meadow. They are all so very cute in their holiday finery.

I am also happy to hear your business is going. Yea!

I love all of your adorable animal decorations. The top of your hutch is full of fun. Love it!!!

Christmas love, Jeanne

Sarah S. said...

Tag you are it,There are instructions posted on my blog. Hope you will play!