Sunday, December 7, 2008

We're getting there....

Who knew it would take hours and hours to get the lights on a 12 foot tall tree? I was worn out after that activity so we are taking our time putting the ornaments on. Besides, I've got the kids' cold now. Sigh.

Doesn't it look better already?(sorry for dark photos, in my editing program they look just fine but blogger makes them much darker-at least on my monitor they are**edited** they are fine once the post is published so maybe its just the blogger uploader/previewer making them look dark)

Mark and I went to a wonderful Christmas party last night. There was enough food(and I mean good, real food) to feed 4 times the crowd we had(about 50). There was karaoke, a chinese present exchange(the one I brought got stolen twice-that was the limit), and a fire(on a table, not in the fireplace)! A groovy time was had by all. We came home and watched two rented movies, the new Indian Jones(very fun and fast moving) and The Happening(ohso lame).

Ryan had church this morning but we decided against Joe Muggs today. Mark and I went to his office to get a ladder for the tree doings. Then he took Ryan and friends to the mall for the afternoon, making it back in time for the Cowboys game of course.

We have misplaced our ornament hangers so I'm stealing them from my glass things that won't go on the tree due to certain kitties named Gyspy, Jasper and Tallulah. They are fascinated and have all been to the top of it already. We're hoping once the ornaments are on they'll get bored with it.


Anet said...

Gee that is a huge tree! My sister would have these 10 ft. trees that she always had to nail to the walls.
I always wondered what cats must think when we put a tree in the house "Funny humans!" Have fun decorating;)

Chickenbells said...

12 Feet! I'll say it takes a long time to put lights on that! Wow...I would have done the lights and then decorated some other time!!

Betts said...

Oh, I hate putting lights on. I think I'm just too picky. After 12 feet of that torture, I'd need therapy or a stiff drink.

Dana and Daisy said...

I can believe it took hours and hours. ANd how many times did you have to go back to the store for another string of lights?

It sure looks like Christmas at your house now though!