Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Just Some Stuff...

First, some sad stuff.

Please pray for all the tornado victims across the south. I fear the death toll could possibly double from the 45 so far. We missed much of the nasty weather but did get high winds and hail for a brief time late yesterday afternoon. It got much worse as it moved east. I have a bloggy friend, Susan of Blackberry Creek who is in the line of storms. Hopefully they are ok there. I also have several homeschooling friends in northern Alabama and a sis-in-law in Tennessee, praying they are safe as well.***updated, Susan is ok, just some strong thunderstorms at her place*** Thank God!

Now for more uplifting stuff.

If you read the some of the same blogs I do, you've probably already seen these but they are worth watching again!

(go to Faith is Messy to see what she is up to with a similar project)

(not an endorsement, yet)


Carol said...

Hope all your news stays good :) The videos were fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Hi Molly. Thanks for sharing the video "Yes We Can." I couldn't help posting it at Blackberry Creek.
BTW, I left you an award at BC.