Monday, February 25, 2008

Dogs and their Bones...

I *must* get more of these, the doggies LOVED them!!!



****edited for this update****
I'm still painting today, in the girls' room. And drinking coffee. But, the Obama rally was yesterday, another classic case of our online newspaper not being very well organized, it was listed as a headline for today. We would have gone had I known about it. Drat. It makes me curious though, the campaign headquarters are in the exact same area that the flashlight/pipe bomb was found last week(when we took the dogs for their shots). I mean, probably within 50 yards or so, sounds pretty dang fishy to me anyway... And, there was grafitti on the walls this morning, some idiots who couldn't spell "racist" if their lives depended on it. Stupid dingdongs spelled it "racits".


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Sophie loves those bones too--of course, her's are quite a big smaller than the ones your doggies are enjoying.

Chickenbells said...

hahahaha! Sorry, but the whole graffiti thing gave me a giggle...

And that bone looks like quite a hit indeed!!