Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Play all night, play a little longer... purr all night, purr a little longer...

(Jasper a few days ago)

(Gypsy a few days ago)

(Both, right after we got them)

Aren't they CUTE??? I love how Jasper is peering in that last picture, shows his personality for sure! He's definitely well adjusted to us and isn't afraid of much these days. He isn't as loving as his sister but he does purr when we scratch his chin and face. Gypsy gets on our bed at night and just purrs and purrs, she's such a sweetie!

(Rosie after her second favorite thing, the first being food)

(Ruby having a nap with friends on the girls' quilt)

Ruby and Rosie are the same as they've always been. They've adjusted well to the new babies but aren't ready to be friends yet. Ruby does act like she wants to play with them. I wish she'd join in and see what happens. Muffin is still our ghost cat, we rarely see her.

(Tom napping on the coffee table- he rarely sleeps there any more, having taken up in a corner in our bedroom)

Tom is still among the living but definitely slowing down. I'm thinking he won't be around come Springtime. He seems to want to be here more than his owner's home, in fact, he hasn't asked to go outside since Valentine's Day. I think he is lonely and wants our company. Why else would a cat who has always been a mostly outdoor "only cat" decide to move in with a family that already has 5 cats, 4 dogs(2 who want to eat him), all the guinea pigs and 3 kids who are home all day long. It has to be complete chaos to him compared to his first 15 years! I do feel really bad for his owners, I know their dad misses him, but they know he is being taken care of over here. If they thought we were neglecting him I feel sure they'd come get him. Still, it makes me wonder why he doesn't find a nice corner in their home to live out the rest of his days, there must be something missing over there that he gets here. Animals are funny critters sometimes. I tried to turn him out on Saturday afternoon. I carried him across the street, put him in their yard and clapped my hands to make him go up to the door. As I neared our front door, I turned around to see where he'd gone and he was causing a traffic jam coming back across the street to us. Sigh. Guess he loves us!

We're having Turkey Tacos for dinner tonight, no recipe. I'm about to get the first coat finished up on the girls' room, pictures tomorrow!!! One more coat on theirs then I get to start ours. Yeah!!!


Karen M. Gibson said...

I have got to quit looking at your blog! Either that or you have got to quit posting kitty cat pictures, Molly! We only have room for one cat here in our apartment and your pics are making me want another one! My husband will kill you!

Chickenbells said...

Ohhhh...poor Tom. I'll bet he loves that you don't ever "make" him go outside...it must be nice if he's been forced to be outside, just to relax and know that nothing bad is going to happen to him...

All of the kitties are sooo cute!!