Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Our Furry Friends....

Puppy-girl is our oldest pet. We bought her from a Cairn Terrier breeder who'd had an *accidental* pregnancy(her nephew let the dog out when she was visiting for a wedding). The father is a Daschund, she said long-haired but we think wire-haired by the looks of P-girl's face. She turned 13 on October 7th.

Muffin is our oldest kitty and the last one we have from our Nacogdoches days. We got her in June or July of 1996 after she was secretly transported in the engine or some other part of a car. She jumped when they stopped at the corner in front of our house. She's a weird cat.

This is Daisy. She has just turned 4 years old. We have no idea what kind of dog she is. Probably a border collie/lab mix(she weighs about 40 pounds). Any guesses? She has lots of mental and emotional *issues*, it seems like we've had her forever!

Daisy and Buttercup in their usual place, on top of the dog house. They love to sleep up here and keep watch too.

Buddy is Buttercup's brother(she is hiding behind him). They were in a litter of 14 with a Chocolate Lab mom and a Yellow Lab dad. Five of them were black but have a sprinkling of gold. They will be 2 this July. We got Buttercup when she was about 4 months old, after we'd met Buddy(who was known as Judas then). His owners were unable to take him when they moved to California so we adopted him last June after they had him neutered.

This is Buddy again. He is a gorgeous dog and very loving.

Ruby and Rosie will be 5 on April Fool's Day. We got them from our cousins in Oklahoma.

Tom is not really our cat but he lives with us 80% of the time, especially when it is cold out. He sleeps on our bed and is 16 years old.

I didn't include pictures of Jasper and Gypsy, scroll down a few entries and you can see them!


Chickenbells said...

You have such a wonderfully full home! I love all your little furry family members...alas it is just me and the Kitty for right now...but, we're both pretty good with that...

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

All your babies are beautiful, but Puppy Girl is adorable.

Carol said...

So we can fondly think of you as pet central ;-) You must hearts as big as Texas! mmmwah!