Thursday, February 28, 2008

If its not one thing, its a mother...

And I don't mean mine!! Yesterday afternoon my lovely 18-year-old Suburban, affectionately known as "The White Jeep" broke down on me. Sarah and I had gone to get our raw milk and visit for a while and when we got ready to leave it wouldn't turn over. It wasn't the battery, nope couldn't be that simple(or cheap).

(The White Jeep)

Its the fuel pump!! Yeah! Soooo, $400 will vanish before our eyes. But, at least I wasn't at the farm collecting the milk!! That's about 50 miles from here. And, at least it wasn't dark yet, or cold or in a parking lot somewhere. Mark happened to be right around the corner, literally, playing racquetball with a co-worker so he was able to come get us right away. I got up at 5:30 to take Mark to work so he could get a vehicle to drive to the health club. Our homeschool park day is today so I had to. Thank God for coffee.

Last night I had a dream about Tom dying. There was a big, wide staircase with metal railing in the middle of an atrium(like an office building or mall might have) and Tom was wanting to come down, or go up, I couldn't tell. A black cat(our long-deceased Blackie) had scared him so he couldn't decide which way to go. Then our Junior cat(also deceased) came down and helped them both up the stairs to some hay bales that were covered with soft blankets and rugs. It was a very strange dream. Tom is worse today than he has been so I'm going to take him home tonight and let them have him put to sleep. I think it is time.

My computer is back to hating my camera so I can't show you the pictures of the girls' newly painted room, or the cute shot of Jasper playing with a toy under my computer chair. Grrrr. I will try to get it going again tonight. This afternoon when we get back from the park I have to touch up a few thin spots of paint and then we can move the furniture back! I'm looking forward to having a few days to play with my needle felting stuff finally. This weekend I'll get our room prepped for painting and start that on Monday of next week(I think). When I went back to Lowe's to get that second gallon(of course), I asked about the purpleness of the gray paint. They guy said that my swatches were probably not big enough and were playing against the yellowness, think vanilla ice cream, of the existing paint. That made sense, the dirty looking beige-peachy-pink color of the girls' room really brightened up to a lovely pink shade when I started putting the blue on the walls. Anyway, I came home and put a BIG swatch on a few walls and it doesn't look nearly as purple. Whew. It will be a beautiful shade in the end.

Photo from my stash:


This is a coy-dog. Mom was an Australian Cattle Dog, dad was a Coyote. She belonged to some of my cousins in Oklahoma but sadly was killed by a car on their country road several years ago.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Poor Tom. Poor coy-dog.

Sarah and Jack said...

$400 for a fuel pump? Wowzers. Now I am reminded why we do a lot of our own car repairs.