Sunday, February 10, 2008

Not Full-filled Quite Yet...

Well, the Fulling part is done but nothing has been made from it yet. I wanted to share pictures of the sweaters but we've had a bit of a detour.

Last Monday I came down with an upset stomach. It hit harder the next night with fever and body aches and then Mark got it to a lesser degree. We didn't have a bad case, no vomitting(or even feeling we needed to), just stomach cramps and other unpleasantness that comes with stomach viruses. We both felt 100% better by Thursday night. I did manage to process the sweaters during this time but didn't take pictures, trust me, it was boring aside from the outcome. They are even better than I had hoped, just beautiful, but hard to photograph.

My plan was to get up today and make some secret crafty things out of some of it for my Pay-it-Forward gifties but things don't always go the way we plan do they?

(Sarah and Tom, Fall 2006)

I was up late last night waiting for the neighbors across the street to kick Tom out for the night. He is ill with some aging cat illness that causes him to have very labored breathing, probably CHF. It bothers me that they turn him out in the cold at night so I wait on him and bring him in our house to sleep. Anyway, last night it was well after 11 when they put him out.

After I got in bed I tossed and turned worrying about him and had just dozed off when Amy woke me up. Now, when Amy wakes me up during the night she sneaks as close to me as she can WITHOUT waking me up, then taps me on the shoulder and says, "MOM" in a loud stage whisper. Talk about scaring the beejeesus out of me!! So, she woke me up in this manner at 12:30 and said she felt sick to her stomach. I asked if she needed to throw up and she didn't know. I told her to get in the bathroom NOW and as she turned she started vomitting. Lots. I'm betting half of it didn't make it in the toilet but most did get in the bathroom instead of on my carpet thank goodness. She felt better, I got her a drink and an Advil and helped her clean herself up while Mark de-vomitted the bathroom. I had a hunch she was getting sick with it because she'd had a head and neck ache yesterday and general malaise, just like mine started on Monday. Unfortunately hers was the whole package. She is now resting on the couch, still feeling pretty rotten.

After I got back in bed I couldn't sleep so I got out my bible to do some research on a something Ryan is dealing with now(I may blog about it someday if I can do so in a responsible way). I found lots of good things to share with him when he is more alert this afternoon. It was about 2am when I turned out the light. And about 5:30 when I woke up for the day. Would it be too much to ask for a nap later? Now Sarah has a sore throat and runny nose(and mine is getting that way too). So, it looks like sickness has hit the Sonier household. Hopefully everyone will get the mild versions of what is going around and Amy will have had the worst of hers.

I am still going to work on my PIF projects but won't be posting them until after they've been received. Yes, I did say I was sending things out before Christmas but if you've read anything on my blog about our Soshie cat and the other daily stuff we've been up to you'd know I was suffering from wishful thinking. Now that I actually have the projects in mind, have the materials to do it, and a bit more time, I am aiming for mailing them by Valentine's Day or the weekend after.

There was something else I wanted to post here but for the life of me I can't get it out! I can't even remember what it was but it was very important! Grrr, I hate it when that happens. Maybe I need that nap now. If I think of what it was, I'll come back and update.


Chickenbells said...

Well, I think we're lucky that you're up making as much sense as you are...and that you can type with that little of sleep. You are too sweet to take in the cat for the night...that made my eyes mist up a little bit!

I hope you all feel better soon...Not only do I think it's not too much to ask for a nap...but if it were me? I'd let everyone play hooky for the day and rest and watch movies one the couch!

Cathy said...

Hope everyone feels better soon. Illness just struck our house again -- son has a runny nose and fever and my husband just popped two Benedryl for similar reasons. Given how much he hates taking that stuff, he must be feeling pretty bad.

I am so ready for spring/summer.

I love that you take that cat in at night -- so kind!

Mitchypoo said...

I think I'd become a cat-knapper and let Tom live out his last days in peace and being taken care of. People are so stupid sometimes. They probably wouldn't even notice he was gone, it seems. But that's just me...