Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bizzy, Bizzy, Bizzy!!

Yes we ARE!!! It has been a very busy weekend here at the Casa Sonier.

Friday afternoon we had a visit from a (former) homeschooling friend and her daughter, and someone from a church came and got two big bags of fabric I had to give away. Friday night Ryan had church and the rest of us did a bit of housework.

Saturday morning the girls and I got up REEEEEALLY early to drive 40 miles out of town to get raw milk for a small group of families in our homeschooling community. There are around 10 of us but not everyone orders every week. The man who offers it has it as a first-come, first-served basis so I was afraid we might not get any on a weekend unless we went very early. Anyway, we had orders for eight gallons but when we got there he only had six so we took what there was and headed to another of the family's homes to drop it off for distribution. The milk is certified organic, hormone and antibiotic free from Jersey cows. It tastes WONDERFUL but I can't have too much because it is whole milk and wrecks my diet!

While we were out doing milky stuff, Mark took Ryan to flag football and ran around the track. He ended up taking Ryan to his friends' home to spend the night, came home and got us girls and we headed out to Lowe's, Kohl's, and Walmart for various sundries. I got paint to do our hutches, a dark blue called Indigo Cloth, which I'm supposed to be primering this afternoon.

Mark and I got up early and cleaned on our garage. Last night Amy discovered a most unwelcome visitor(a RAT, eek!) out there so we decided it was past due for a clean up. I piled two tables full of junk in the yard and put a free sign on it. Finally someone stopped and took every bit of it for a church garage sale. Turns out it is the church Ryan attends! Mark picked up Ryan and a friend from church and stopped by his office for some leftover pizza they had from Friday. I love no-cook Sunday dinners!

The COWBOYS come on at 3pm so I'm not sure how much more work I'll end up doing.

There, I'm updated, now I feel better! Sorry no pics, maybe tomorrow or Tuesday. I do need to tell all about the fabric and quilty goodness that came my way last week. I am very blessed by all of it but won't keep but maybe a fourth of it.


Jody said...


You look gorgeous! How new is that picture? Did you lighten your hair or did the sun do it for you?

We watched parts of the Cowboys game too - it was sort of painful to watch wasn't it?


~Molly~ said...

Oh golly gee Jody! Thanks!!! I did color it back in mid-August before our vacation. It is chunks of blonde which actually turns my very dark hair kind of a burnished brass. Sarah took this picture this past Thursday after our park day, in our front yard.

Yes, it was a pitiful game but it could have been MUCH worse! I felt bad for their defense having to be on the field so much.