Friday, October 26, 2007


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He was handed to us at the local pet store, next to the place we get our hair done. I had taken Ryan in for a trim and Amy to get some fullness taken out of hers and we walked down to the pet store afterward to see the puppies. A woman came in with a laundry basket, we assumed it was a litter of kitties. The girls saw it was a big piggie and we all went over to see it. The woman said they'd had it since it was 5 weeks old and it was about a year old now. Her kids didn't want it any more so she was bringing it to the pet store to sell. I asked the sex and she didn't know(if you've ever seen a male piggie from the back you'd wonder if she was blind!) I lifted it up and found boy parts and a nasty impaction(google it, I don't wanna 'splain it here). Anyway, she asked if we wanted him since it sounded to her that we knew what we were talking about and would give him a good home. I reeeeeally didn't want another pig, especially a male since they don't live together as easily as females, but we took him anyway. Who could resist such a cute piggie? And free at that!
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He is SOOOO sweet!! After determining that he probably wasn't sick since he was an only pig we let him meet Basil and Moonshine yesterday. So far there has been a bit of rumblestrutting and mounting behavior but no biting. It seems they might all be able to live together after all!!

I thought I'd also give a Soshie update. Mark is having a really hard time with her illness. He does NOT want to put her down yet. I keep asking him to take her and he keeps making excuses. Soooo, I've decided she's not going down without a fight. I started giving her droppers of water to help boost her energy. Dehydration can make them feel worse off than they really are. So far it has helped a tiny bit but she still isn't eating. It seems she isn't any worse off that when this started so maybe it is just her body telling her not to eat while her intestines heal from the streamer she ate. We don't know what is wrong and don't have the hundreds of dollars it would take to find out. If she is not much improved by the end of the weekend we'll have to discuss other options. This has been really tough for me, I'm ready for it to be over either way. We went through about a year of Chester being sick and I nursed him back from near death after his liver got "fatty" from his rapid weightloss. He did well for a long time, eating canned cat food every night, but Soshie hates it and won't touch anything I've offered her so far.

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Chickenbells said...

Congrats on the new piggie...too cute! I'm so sorry about the other's so hard to watch them not feel good. I hope you're right and it's just a healing'll know when the right time is to do something more.