Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cooking Challenge!!!

I'm taking part in Carrie's(of Sommer Designs) Dinner Challenge for the week, having just found her blog about an hour ago. Her challenge is to cook dinner every night for 5 nights, something you haven't tried before or something you haven't made in a long time. ***Edited to clarify that this doesn't have to be done with things you have on hand, just that you go shopping once with a good list, so you don't have to run out and get "only xyz" and come home $75 poorer*** To be fair, today was shopping day for me so some of the things in this recipe are not staples(cilantro and green onions aren't always in the larder)I got in on it a bit late but I do have my recipe from Monday's post(we had leftovers last night-deliciously served over spaghetti squash that I'm ashamed to say has been on my shelf for 5-6 weeks now!) and one tonight that I can share. This might be leftovers for tomorrow or Friday too so my 5 nights might take longer than a week to complete. I consider that a bonus!!

Tonight's Meal:

Baked Bean Dip

Stuff you'll need:
2 cans refried beans(fat free or not, your choice)
1 cup grated cheese(as you can see, mine is cut up because the grater was in the dishwasher getting all cleaned up)
1/2-3/4 cup salsa
1 cup sour cream(or more, depends how much you like it)
Combine in greased 8x8 baking dish(or 9x13 if using 2 cans of beans). Bake about 20 minutes at 350.

Meanwhile chop and combine:

1-2 cups cherry tomatoes
1 cup cilantro(chopped to make this much)
20-30 black olives(add green ones too if you'd like)
1-3 green onions(depends on size, I've got big ones but have seen some much smaller)

Take dip out of oven and let cool 5-6 minutes.

Spread the bean mixture with sour cream, I dollop it on with a spoon and gently smear around.

Sprinkle with the veggie mixture.

Serve with tortilla chips. Enjoy!!!


Carrie S. said...

Thanks for taking part in this! But to be clear, no, it doesn't have to be stuff you have on hand. The goal was to only go to the market once, with a good shopping list, and stock up for the week with a planned menu.

I'm so glad so many people are trying this! Thanks!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...


Chickenbells said... looks really good!! I love bean dip...or anything Mexican-ish...oh, now I'm super hungy!!