Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Last Night's Dinner Challenge...

We were expecting rain but it didn't start til after we went to bed. So, I had Mark start the grill and we did Chicken Fajitas(no recipe, these are easy). My favorite part is cooking them and eating them. Oh wait, that's two parts isn't it? Oh well.

In other news... These two ragamuffins came for brunch today and decided to stay. They were born on Halloween and were ready for a new home. Perfect luck wasn't it? We haven't officially settled on names but the girl(right) will most likely be Fionnuala(FinOOla), called Nuala(Noola) for short. Her name, in case you wondered, means "Lady with White Shoulders" in Gaelic. The boy(left) might be Shadow or Seamus, or Lugh, I keep getting shot down with Fergus, Tadgh(Tyg), Angus, and Merlin, among others. They are just adorable and have settled in quite nicely. They are used to kids and other cats so we've not had much to worry with except the boy is a bit more timid that Nuala.

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Carol said...

Oh what sweethearts! How lucky for them to get such a good home:) I like the name Merlin goes well with Noola~I don't know why, but I'm craving a fajita?