Saturday, January 5, 2008

Muffin, the Mysterious Ghost Cat


One morning, when Amy was just a baby, there was this gawd-awful cheeping noise outside. It woke me up so I asked Mark to please go get that baby bird and put it back in its nest. He came back to the bedroom and asked me to come with him....

On the front doorstep was the most pitiful, ugliest, scrawniest kitten I'd ever seen. She was just squawking her fool head off. Her chin was busted so we figured she'd been under someone's car hood and jumped when they stopped at the stop sign in front of our yard. So, she came in and became our kitty Muffin.



She took up with Chester and nursed on him, she was just a tiny thing. When Soshie arrived about 5 months later, they both nursed on him. I don't know how he put up with it. Soshie became the dominant cat and soon Muffin wasn't allowed on the bed to sleep. She and Chester still remained cuddle buddies whenever they were elsewhere in the house. When he died she withdrew a bit and stopped being seen as often. Most times she sleeps under the loveseat or couch, we rarely even see her come out to eat or use the litterbox. Occasionally she'll sleep on the arm or back of the couch, or in a chair.


Now that I'm not nursing a sick cat I am hoping to have time to draw her out of her shell. Last night I brought her into our bedroom, a place she never ventures into. She sniffed around and visited me on the bed for a while but when Mark came to bed she bolted for the living room. I'm hoping that if I work with her enough she'll not be such a ghost of a cat.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Muffin is a pretty kitty.

Chickenbells said...

What a beautiful kitty...I keep asking Meena if she would like a little friend, but all that does is make her roll her eyes at me and walk out of the room...

artandghosts said...

just popping in to say hello to the kitties and to tell you that you won my little kitty-naming competition!

mail me when you have time.

and happy birthday in advance!
Lou ^_^