Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Just some stuff...

Seen out the back door tonight...

Now to the stuff I meant...

1. I started my WW again this week. When we went to North Carolina at the end of summer I kind of got off my diet. Once back home it was just a hassle to keep up with my points(even online!) so I kind of stopped. Now I'm back with a fresh outlook! If I choose to micro-manage my "diet", it will drive me freaking nuts! If I choose to do nothing I won't lose weight and could very well eat myself heavier than I was to begin with. If I USE the online points thingie as a guideline and not fret over every little thing, I mean sometimes guestimate the points value of something, it won't kill me to be wrong a few times(off a point or two every so often). The tracker they have allows me to add foods, meals, and recipes to my "favorites" and I can drag/drop them to the meal slot so it counts it for me. No work. But, today I had a lean cuisine, a corndog thingie and some of that Norwegian Apple Cake I posted about a few days ago(it was VERY good, by the way). I counted that meal as 10 points. It may have been 9, it may have been as much as 14. Point is, I'm still within my points for the day even if I mis-counted. So there!!

2. Ryan got his cast cut off today!!!! He has to wear a brace for the next two weeks and slowly get his arm/hand used to moving around again.

3. Ryan is having an Adenoidectomy next Thursday!!!! YIKES!! His doctor said they are taking up about 2/3 of the space behind his nose(wherever they reside). I think, poor Ryan, he'll feel SOOO much better after they are out. He doesn't know what it means to breathe normally. We were hoping this would go away as he grew but it seems to have just gotten worse as have his allergies. Now we can get his braces on with no issues.

4. I'm dragging out and sorting my unfinished quilting projects. I have several. Now, I want to learn how to machine quilt. So, someone please tell me what a walking foot is or if I can use a darning foot(and what the heck do they look like?). Maybe I'll post a picture of the types of feet I do have for my machine and someone can kindly point out which one I should use. I used to LOVE to hand quilt. It was mindless, soothing, relaxing, rewarding but hard to do a big quilt since I don't use a frame. Now that I know how to crochet, I don't need to hand quilt but I'll still bind by hand, I love to do that! I still enjoy putting quilts together but I'd rather have them sooner than later.

5. I'm stalling making any sort of dinner. We may end up with scrambled eggs and possibly biscuits or maybe just eat them in corn tortillas. Yum!


Jennifer said...

You can use both the walking foot and the darning foot for quilting ... the walking foot is for making straight lines and the darning foot is for when you want to do free-motion quilting (where you drop the feed dogs so that you can move the quilt any which way to make your pattern).

Here's an example of a walking foot (a big clunky looking foot that goes up and down with the needle so that the top layer doesn't slide):
and here's one of a darning foot (a small foot with a circular opening that bounces up and down with the needle, only touching the quilt when the needle is going through to provide tension, then lifting up so that the quilt can move freely):


Jennifer said...

Darn! I was hoping those links would work ... but I just searched JoAnn's website for pics, so if these links don't work for you, try there to see, okay?

She sure is strange! said...

Yes, they worked! I copied and pasted. I know I've got the darning foot but have to look through the box of feet to see if I have the walking one. My mom says I don't, that it is sold seperately, my machine is a Bernina. Thanks for the pics! Now, any tips on how to quilt??LOL Mainly how to come up with a pattern of that swirly variety where you aren't supposed to cross back over the quilting. That sounds so complicated to me!!

Laini Taylor said...

Hi there! Thank you so much for reporting back about my book! It's so cool knowing it's out there in people's hands, open here and there around the country with people READING it. SO cool! Thank you thank you! And I hope your daughter will read it when she is through with warrior cats! (I overheard a boy at the airport bookshop PLEADING with his parents for the new Warriors book, and I take it from the little show he put on that they are quite gripping!)

As for WW, I love it, but am a bit derelict in my points now too! It can be so hard to get back into the right frame of mind, and then when you get there, sometimes so easy to stick with it. Weird!

Chickenbells said...

Damn. I totally have a walking foot, and I've never used it while quilting...I should try it sometime!!

The poor boy...he's gonna' know all the doctors by name before all this is over...but, I am happy if he can breathe better soon!!