Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fionnuala and Who??

That's right. He still does NOT have a name! We are down to Seamus(shaymus), Angus, Eamon(ay-mun). I think. Why is this so hard?

I had a name for both of them before they ever got here but Nuala's didn't fit her at all. She was going to be Breda(breeda) but she is definitely a Fionnuala. Boy cat is proving harder to name. His name was Lughaidg(looey) but Noola and Looey don't sound right together, plus it isn't his personality. His previous owner said it might take a while for him to become himself, he's a bit freaked out from the move to our house and becoming an inside cat. It may be a while before he is named then.

I want something Irish but not something real whack. I love Riordan or Tadhg but nobody else is going for it. Or Emmett or Kermit even. Sigh. Whoever he is, he's darn cute!

I'm done with the dinner challenge from Carrie's so I'm not posting my pizza pictures tonight. Maybe I'll put them up tomorrow.

In other news... We joined a health club!! It our birthday present and Mark's too(in April). Both of us need to get in better shape and he has just burned out on running for now. It wasn't as expensive as we first thought but we're only signed up for 3 months to see how it goes. If we like it and it is easy to do, we may re-up for a whole year. The club isn't big at all but they do have lots of equipment and a basketball court for the kids to play on while we work out. The exercise stations are on the sides of the court in "cages" so we can watch and talk to them. I think we're going to get a free eval/program by a personal trainer on Saturday so we'll know how to use the stuff. It has been a looooong time since we've done a health club, like 1991!!


Chickenbells said...

Oh, they are too cute!! I hope they adjust to your wonderful home easily...I'm sure they will...

Congrats on joining the health club...there are so many wonderful changes around your way this year!!

Kitty said...

Awww, cute kitties. I love Irish names - how about another new consideration - Padraig (pronounced 'Porrig'). Any of the ones you mention 'go well' with Fionnuala. x

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

The kitties are so cute. I wish I weren't allergic. I want a cat so much. I like Seamus for a name. You could call him Shimmy. Like Jimmy for James. Isn't Seamus Celtic for James?
Anyway he's a cutie pie. I'm sure he'll have a name soon.

Carol said...

You'll get right into it! Enjoy! I didn't realize you wanted an Irish name for the little guy. Riley, Murphy, Clancy and Finneus.

Annie Mosaic Cat said...


It just immediately came to mind when I saw his cute face. Dunno if it's Irish but more people will be able to read and pronounce it than most of the other choices.

Love your new photo and header and quote! Lots o' new in your life. Bravo!