Monday, January 14, 2008

Set Backs and Changes...

We did a lot of running on Saturday, trying to find headboard materials for our make-over. The junk shop did have old windows but not the shape we needed. We also hit a Goodwill and a Salvation Army store. Mark found some great work pants and I managed to replace(and then some) the brown dishes I found on our Goodwill safari in Asheville last summer. In just a few short months we'd broken 3 of the 5 saucers I bought there. Now I have 4 replacements and 6 of a different style AND two cute mugs, all for $1.60! And yes, as a matter of fact, we did have brownies sprinkled with powdered sugar for breakfast.

(We like to use saucers for snacks, they are just the right size for peanut butter crackers, veggies with dip, or a piece of cake)

(I got the mugs for the girls since they have recently developed a love of coffee-we use Community New Orlean Style in decaf and I put cocoa powder in it too for extra antioxidants- we looooove it this way with our raw milk and a bit of sugar)

Anyway... back to the bedroom stuff. We looked at many headboards, doors, window frames, shelves, and other things that could be used as a headboard but just didn't see what we wanted this trip. Here is a picture of the bed wall, taken from the bathroom door. Ignore the mess, we are in the midst of decluttering as well as revamping plus we had to move much of my fabrics(those big blue totes and assorted baskets) and a living room bookshelf into our bedroom for Christmas activities. The girls and I were also sorting out clothes and other stuff to take to Goodwill later this week.

(Possibly a swag/canopy treatment in dark chocolate brown over the bed if we don't find window frames- The ones we saw were 4 panes each, almost a square, I'm wanting something with maybe 6 panes, 2x3 set with the narrow end on the horizontal. Paintings by my dad throughout the room{except for the kitty with confetti})

(From the bed wall looking back to the bathroom)

(My dresser under the window- there are at least 8 feet from the bathroom door to the end of the bed so we might put some rattan chairs there, or a blanket chest if we can find one we like for the right price)

We've also decided against the Ancestral paint color. It is absolutely beautiful but too purple to be the neutral we need. Now we're looking at a deep mushroomy brown but in the morning light it has a bit of olive drab to it so most likely it isn't "the one". I'm trying to avoid one that is too tan(we saw this in a friend's home and it was ghastly, not soothing at all), too chocolate milky, or two khaki or olive. Not an easy task. I may end up back at Lowe's for more chip cards.


Carol said...

Good luck with finding what you want! Love the quilt :) And OMG! your dishes on the left, are the exact dishes we had when I was a kid! What an unexpected flood of memories! You just never know...

Julie said...

Hi, Molly!
I just can't thank you enough for your comments!
It's so sweet of you encourage me!
We homeschool, too! Our oldest graduated last year, but we have 2 still "schooling"!
We just love Texas -- you're so blessed to live there! And in east Texas, too! We're in Louisiana....... I'm not gonna fuss, though - we have a new governor so things are looking up!
Besides, I just know how Blessed by God we are to live in the South!
Again, thanks so much for the encouragement!

Chickenbells said...

Oh the paint drama! I tell you, it's not that easy to figure out the "perfect" color is it? For my bedroom, I picked a tan that matched my roman shades, and for some strange was just perfect...very soothing and relaxing indeed.

I love the dishes, they're too cute...and at least you got something while you were out!

Good luck with all the organizing and decluttering...and decision making...

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Years ago, when my kids were little, I had a set of dishes like those plates on the left. I think I got them during a supermarket promotion. Each week, one piece (plate, cup, etc.) was on sale for a special price. Brings back memories.