Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

(Boopa, 23 months)

ITS SPRING, ITS SPRING, ITS SPRING!!!! Today is a glorious day! We have abundant sunshine, slight breezes, and mild temperatures. The daffodils are mostly gone, at least the ones in my yard anyway, but there are still plenty of things blooming everywhere. The oaks have leaves but have not yet shed their fuzzy things and the gums are just budding. Tuesday night we had a tornado/tornadoes come through our area. One hit south of Kilgore and traveled 21 miles up to north Longview, touching down on the street where one of Ryan's homeschooled friends lives. He said it was VERY loud. It uprooted some huge trees along their street and took a few roofs off. One passed over our side of town as well. At 9pm the sirens went off so the girls, Mark and I got into the bathroom closet after finding our shoes and flashlights(this took about 20 seconds). After about 10 minutes we decided the coast was clear and it was. We didn't lose power but about 10,000 in our town did. Gotta love Springtime in East Texas.

(homeschool park day-but not this day)

We had park day today too. Ryan had three friends join him so he was extra happy. They spent the whole time in the creek looking for critters. Amy saw a snake, two turtles and two frogs, two pembroke corgis, a cocker spaniel and a great dane. We had tons of homeschoolers, some we haven't seen in months! It was really nice. I got to work on my WiP victorian hexagon quilt. Its a hand-sewn English paper-pieced thing, about 90% done.

(hexagon quilt)

I've got to work on another project this weekend, besides painting. There are 14 of these hearts that will be individual wall hangings for an email group I've been in for over 8 years. I don't think any of them read my blog so I feel safe posting the picture here. Even if they do, its ok. Maybe it will motivate me to get them all completed soon!

(Hip Thinking Moms wall quilts)

I still need to go to the grocery store and decide what to cook for dinner. I'm leaning toward something vegetable-ish. Hmmmm, maybe something out of my vegetarian cookbook.

We've completed the guinea pig cage so now Stella and Sundae have a big space to run around in. Sundae's baby(ies) will be here in the next few weeks, hopefully sooner rather than later. We'll keep them if they are female, sell them if they are boys.

If I don't post tomorrow, I hope everyone has a fantastic and blessed Easter weekend! We have no plans yet, probably just a regular weekend for us.


Chickenbells said...

What wonderful quilts and quilt projects you're working on...I can't wait to see them when they're done (I'm sure you feel the same way LOL!!)

Have a wonderful Easter as well...enjoy fun relaxing family time...

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Love those heart blocks, Molly. Happy Spring!

Carol said...

What an adorable baby girl:) Happy spring! I sure am glad you are all OK, this is turbulent weather time for southerners for sure. A very happy Easter to you all, would love to see some piggie pictures!

Sarah and Jack said...

In usual Sarah fashion, I want to see that cowboy ? quilt the hexes are sitting on!