Friday, March 14, 2008

Picture Heavy!...

First, some cute stuff! (and a reminder, click any picture to get a larger version)

(Gypsy and Jasper sure know how to nap!)

And the pretty stuff:

(paint color we are going with is the faint squares you see. As you can tell, it is much more neutral than the larger area of paint-which looks bluish on my monitor instead of the lilac that it looks like IRL)

I plan to start painting next week. I'm almost finished with the decluttering in there. What helped was for me to make a detailed list of what needed dealt with, down to the towels, CDs, hangers, and so forth. It gave me more of a sense of how to go about doing things than a list that said, clean bathroom, clean bedroom, clean floor, clean closet. Worked MUCH better. We hauled 7 bags to Goodwill last weekend, hoping for the same thing this time around.

Now to the dirty stuff. Ugh. My photos are bad because my camera appears to be on its last legs. Sometimes the pictures are ok, sometimes they are really weird. These would be in the weird catagory. Anyway, these are the wrinkles in our pool's liner. We have a leak, somewhere, a big one probably. Ryan walked and crawled all over the shallow end and didn't find anything. He also went down the slope and felt more large wrinkles and bubbles under the liner.

(for reference, the leaves in this photo are about 7-8 inches long)

(this is the weirdest of the pictures but shows the wrinkles all the way across the shallow end)

(you can see the biggest air pocket, or bubble, to the right of the trash can)

Mark is on his way home and we're going to cook hamburgers on the grill, then go walk the doggies again.


Sadira said...

I can't wait to see all the painted looks lovely so far! Good work with all the purging...I'm doing that as well this weekend.

yay (ugh.)

Good luck with the pool as well...what a mess!

Carol said...

That's a nice color you chose, vibrant and clean, yet warm too. Goos luck with the pool, it's always something, no? I'm with the kitties, naps are great!