Sunday, March 9, 2008


Our family adores the long days with late afternoons that come with Daylight Saving Time, so to celebrate the first of the longer days we decided to take the big dogs for a walk at one of the local parks/walking trails. Lots of other things had to happen first but the things that happened after we got home are what helped make this day seem to go on forever.

First, Mark took Ryan to church. Then, the rest of us went to Academy so Mark could buy softballs for his company's softball team to use for the games(each team has to provide a brand-new-in-the-box game ball at each game). I got the girls' bathing suits also. We got Ryan from church and headed home for a quick lunch.

Then, I took Mark and myself to the health club to work out. He had a longer session planned so I dropped him off and drove across town to the pet store(national chain) to buy some collars and leashes for our labs, Buddy and Buttercup and a new water bottle for the guinea pig boys. After vowing not to pay $17 each for the leashes, I had to drive all the way back across town to Walmart where they are $3.97 each. I also got fixin's for baked bean dip as per Sarah's request. So, I go back to the club to do my workout. I still finished way before Mark so I ran back home to get the kids, dogs, and a sandwich for Mark since he'd not eaten lunch in order to run on the treadmill. We had no problems loading up the dogs and everyone was excited to be headed outside to the sunshine. Sarah informed me that Ruby had tried to eat my daffodils and spilled water from the vase all over my new mineral makeup samples(in their zippy bags). Sarah dried them in a kitchen towel and they were fine. We picked Mark up and had a lovely walk with the dogs, they even got to splash in some pretty big puddles! Everyone had a great time, even the ones who usually grumble about being away from the house for too long.

So, we get home and everyone showers to get the wet dog smell off of them and I started dinner. By this time I realized that I had really aggravated the bursitis in my right hip. Badly. I could barely stand on it. I got some help with the rest of dinner and we settled in to relax for the evening. Mark started another load of laundry and Ryan loaded and started the dishwasher. The girls enjoyed the last of the sun in the backyard with the dogs. I stayed on the couch with a rice pack on my hip(this is likely going to require something major to fix, like a shot of cortisone or other drastic measure, it is BAD-and I don't complain lightly).

When Mark went to put the laundry in the dryer he made a terrible discovery. WAAAAA!! My makeup samples had been WASHED(still in the dish towel Sarah used to dry them off). They were sopping wet and there is no hope for them. Nobody's fault, just one of those things, we didn't tell Sarah what had happened, I didn't want her to feel bad about it. Not ten minutes later she comes in from the kitchen and asks why there are soap suds coming from under the dishwasher. Not good. We go investigate and the whole dishwasher is filled with suds. Just like in the movies! Finally, it was revealed that "someone" had put a cup in the dishwasher than had shower gel in it, over an inch of shower gel to be exact. This same someone is the loader who will put a sauce pan in which chili(Wolf Brand, no beans) was cooked, straight into the dishwasher without so much as a spritz of water. And plates with 1/2 cup of ketchup on them. He has been warned. Again. Of course, he had no way of knowing there was soap in the cup. It was put there by the other maker of messes. The snaggletoothed one. So, we got that cleaned up and so far we've had no other disasters. Unless you count some fat falling on Ryan's foot as he threw away the remains of a ham I cooked late last week. It grossed him out good. Oh, and the fact that the weather people are total maroons. Yesterday, I swear I read on that our forecast was calling for 10-20% chances of rain until Thursday. So, I checked tonight to see what the low was going to be, so we could decide if Puppy-girl was going in the bathroom or the garage, and it is calling for an 80%, yes EIGHTY PERCENT, chance of thunderstorms(not just rain) starting around midnight and going strong through late tomorrow afternoon. Yippeee!!! At least it won't be bad(isn't supposed to be bad) when I go get our milk later in the week.

I'm going to bed. G'night!!!!


Ruth's Place said...

Sounds like quite a day! I hope your hip feels better soon.

Chickenbells said...

That is one crazy exhausting day! I am sorry about your make-up samples...if it's the mineral powder make-up it's wonderful! I bought mine at CostCo and I absolutely adore it...I look healthier and younger (yay for both of those) I hope you hip feels least you can relax and watch the rain if it doesn't...