Sunday, March 23, 2008

That Cowboy Quilt...

My last post had a picture of my hexagon flower garden quilt in it and Sarah(The Misadventures of Mama and Jack) spotted the treasure underneath! Its an antique quilt belonging to my dad. His mom made it for him when he was about 2 years old.
When my grandmother died in 2005, my aunt gave me her crochet and craft patterns and the original was among them. You can read in the 2nd photo date on it of 1941. Its at my mom and dad's now but I'd love to take better pictures of all the different fabrics she used in it. Maybe sometime this week I'll get it together and post pictures of my family's other antique quilts.

(this is the envelope the pattern came in)

(horse pattern)

(as you can see, the stains came out for the most part)

And I just had to throw this in for fun. I found these treasures at my in-laws home today. MIL collects the most odd things! Isn't this ceramic owl with tennies just adorable? Its a small planter. And the Tiki vase is a treat!

They also don't know it isn't the 1970s any more. This is their game room. I LOVE this color scheme, I really do! On a serious note, she's suffering from dementia and just general old age and it is harder for her to undecorate from season to season. There were lots of Christmas things still up. She's also started decorating with empty plastic fruit cups(some possibly not washed out), empty tomato sauce cans, and folded up chip bags that have been turned inside out. Yipes!!

(Mark made the coffee table out of an ammo box several years ago, his mom added the childrens chairs)


Sarah and Jack said...

Man that quilt is amazing! How on earth did you (?) get it so clean?

Chickenbells said...

That is a wonderful color scheme isn't it?

I just adore that quilt and was hoping that you would show more of it...I was like...hey...what's that under that other quilt?!?!?! lol!!

Happy Easter!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

The green shag carpet brings back memories. Love the cowboy quilt.