Monday, March 3, 2008

Now What?????

Mark and I heard a sound at 5:40 this morning. His alarm had gone off earlier and he was deciding if he wanted to go to the club and run or not. We were sitting in bed when we heard something like THIS, three different times about 1-3 minutes apart. At first we thought it was a person screaming but it was in the woods. We definitely did NOT hear a coyote, it didn't have that rounded note sound to it like a howl and it wasn't yips, it was long drawn out screams. It might have been a bobcat we heard, I've read that they do also scream, and they've been seen less than a quarter of a mile from our house. It could also be a rabbit but I can't find a recording of one screaming to make a comparison. What we heard sounded most like the link I've put in. YIKES!!!! I did get up with a flashlight and check all of our kitties and piggies, then I took Puppy-girl out front for her potty break. Nobody was out and about yet, no lights were on in any of the houses near us. I don't think it was a person.

In other news...

5 of my transplanted daffodils bloomed late last night. I dug up about 40 bulbs to save them from destruction in the front bed(thinking a new water line was going to tear through our yard-it didn't). Daffodils are my favorite flower ever!!

We are supposed to go over to Mark's parents for lunch today. His sister, who lives in Tennessee(about an hour from MY parents-sigh), has flown to Dallas to see her oldest daughter. We haven't seen her in several years and haven't seen two of the kids ever. They are planning to drive here to Longview this morning with three small children to have lunch with my in-laws and to see other relatives. We are expecting HORRENDOUS weather today, severe thunderstorms, freezing rain/snow showers, hail, strong winds, etc., etc. The usual. Soooo, I am not holding my breath for them to show up. His sister is flying back to Tennessee on Wednesday so I don't know if they'll try to come here again on Tuesday if they don't come today.
****UPDATED**** They have rescheduled and WILL be here tomorrow!! Good for them!! It started raining really hard about 7:35. Looks like a nasty day in store for us, hope we keep power.

And last but not least, we have a chirper!! Female Guinea Pigs very rarely will make a chirping sound just like a bird. Nobody knows what it means, it doesn't appear to be an alarm call, it isn't their usual familiar noise at all, but it sure gets the attention of the others! All of them were dead still while she did it. Pretty neat huh?


Sarah and Jack said...

Oh my. The only scary noises around here are Jack. LOL

Annie Mosaic Cat said...

Six days till Daylight Savings, Molly!
Thanks for the raves about my new jewelry mosaic fetish! I am over the edge with this new style.
And no, I do not want a guinea pig. But thanks for asking!
It's been traumatic around here the last month or so, all involving the furs. Whenever I go thru periods like this I say: "NO MORE ANIMALS". I probably hold that promise to myself about as long as you do, huh?